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3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support
3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support

3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support

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Allows full wrist and forearm motion, reduces clicking at the wrist, and cushions the palm so users can comfortably push on their hand.
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The 3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support is a dynamic strap and padding system that lifts and supports the wrist. The unique strap design lifts the side of the hand to reduce pain and instability.

The 3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support provides stabilization for the ulnar or little finger side of the hand without restricting wrist or forearm motion. The adjustable straps lift and re-position the carpal bones to aid in healing. The dynamic lift supplied by the straps and palmar pad supports the mid-carpal and ulnar-carpal bones and ligaments. This easy-to-fit and wear wrist support is recommended for ulnar-sided wrist pain related to mid-carpal and ulnar-carpal instability, TFCC injuries, and symptoms of Guyon’s Canal syndrome. The counterforce supplied by the palmar pad and dorsal straps provides support to help the ligaments rest for healing. The washable, breathable, and latex-free foam-lined material provides comfortable cushioning. The two sizes fit a wide range of hand sizes and minor adjustments can be made to open the thumb hole to allow for a custom fit. The brace effectively lessens clicking and popping felt when turning the hand, pushing up, and pain when riding a bike, typing, or doing yoga. The comfortably cushioned 3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support with unique strap and pad system provides lift for wrist bones and ligaments to reduce wrist pain.

Please note: The 3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support is NOT for carpal tunnel syndrome.

3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support Instructions

3pp Carpal Lift Wrist Support Specifications:

  • Measure: Around the hand, at the large knuckles. (MP joints).
  • Small/Medium fits: 6 - 7-1/4 inches.
  • Medium/Large fits: 7-1/4 - 9 inches.
  • Size guidelines: If you are at the end of a size range. Go up in size if your hand is muscular. Go down in size if your hand is thin.
  • Specify: Left or Right Wrist.
  • Material: Nylon and spandex; Polyurethane foam. Latex free.
  • Care: Machine washable.
  • Color: Black.
  • Model: P2012.

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