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3pp PF Lift
3pp PF Lift

3pp PF Lift

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Provides a gentle, controlled stretch for pain relief of the plantar fascia.
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The 3pp PF Lift is a non-slip, foam-lined strap that applies a controlled lift and stretch to help relieve Plantar Fasciitis pain. This soft flexible support is designed to allow the user to apply an adjustable force across the bottom of the foot.

Pain from Plantar Fasciitis makes walking difficult and can interfere with sleep. The 3pp PF Lift is comfortable for wearing all day or all night and can be worn in all styles of shoes and even when running. The strap holds a gentle stretch on the plantar fascia, even when weight bearing. The wrap provides light support and supinates the foot to relieve stress on the plantar fascia.

The 3pp PF Lift is available in two sizes. To determine the size needed, measure circumference of leg 4 inches above the ankle. Small/Medium size fits 7 - 11 inches, Large/X-Large fits 11 - 15 inches.

3pp PF Lift Specifications:

  • Fits: Left or Right foot.
  • Sizing Instructions: Measure circumference of leg 4 inches above ankle.
  • Small/Medium size fits: 7 - 11 inch leg circumference.
  • Large/X-Large size fits: 11 - 15 inch leg circumference.
  • Care: Hand or machine wash.
  • Material: Latex free.

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