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Enjoy these tools for National Craft Month

March is National Craft Month, and we here at The Wright Stuff want to wish you happy crafting. The coming spring air is already getting the creative juices flowing for those of us who enjoy making things with our own hands, and our physical limitations need not prevent us from pursuing our favorite hobbies.
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Display handicap tags, tackle parking lot heartache

Those with mobility limitations have to go places just like everyone else, but there are often more steps to take and more obstacles along the way. It is important for those with disabilities to use handicap parking and to display their handicap tags as state laws require. Here are some products you can buy to make your daily commutes and errands, as well as larger trips, easier and safer.
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Enjoy a cool beverage with some really cool drinking aids

This day in history, June 17, 1902, William Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner. We owe a lot to his genius, especially at this time of year! While you are hopefully staying cool through the use of this modern amenity, we hope you are also staying hydrated. Indeed, there are many types of cold drinks we enjoy in the summer.
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National Fitness Month: Add 30 minutes of activity daily

The U.S. has proclaimed May to be National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, a time to recommit to increasing daily exercise and activity.
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Adjustable Folding Canes with Ergonomic Handle

Provide steady support with folding sections that snap out automatically and lock in place.
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Get him more than socks for Father's Day

If your father suffers from dry, itchy, cracked feet, The Wright Stuff is now selling some advanced moisturizing footwear that could make the perfect Father’s Day gift this June.
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Best canes for the golf course

August is Golf Month, and we could not let this month go by without looking at some of our walking aids that are so practical they should be par for the course.
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Groom and dress independently this Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at The Wright Stuff!

The world of dating and romance is already a delicate art form even without the added stress of having a limited range of motion. Whether they are already settled and married or are still looking for that special someone, people with limited range of motion want to look their best when going on a date. However, difficulty with grooming and dressing present particular obstacles. Stop stressing, take a deep breath and consider what grooming and dressing aids could make your life easier and help you keep your sense of dignity.

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Have I lost My Mind Or Is My Pillow Talking To Me

Have you ever had a long-distance love affair? Then you know it’s not easy to stay connected across the miles. Oh, sure, everything seemed doable in the beginning with the help of romantic phone calls, gifts, greeting cards and weekend visits; but as time went on, the blush of romance faded as the day-to-day logistics of managing the relationship from far away slowly got the best of you.
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Can an Arthritic Person Cook Up a Mean Lasagna Dinner?

You Bet--With Specially Adapted Knives, Utensils, and Plates Just for Arthritics

The kitchen presents many obstacles to arthritis sufferers. The easiest tasks often become so difficult that arthritics end up cooking foods that they didn’t really want—only because these substitute meals were easier to fix.

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HD Awareness Month 2014: Living with dystonia

May is Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month, a time to spread knowledge about living with this incurable genetic disorder. Huntington’s Disease (HD) is neurodegenerative and affects muscle function and cognitive abilities.
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Healthy Vision Month: Try Verilux lamps, enter giveaway!

May is Healthy Vision Month. When it comes to vision, prevention is often the best cure. Getting an eye exam, wearing sunglasses and living a healthy lifestyle in general are things the National Eye Institute suggests for preventing vision trouble.
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Protect yourself from stains during home activities

We know the feeling. It seems like your home is in a mess and that no matter what you do, it doesn’t stay clean.

We say, don’t worry. While it is healthy to have a basic standard of house cleanliness, the fact is that homes are not supposed to be all that clean, after all. The home is our sacred space filled with family, friends, fun activities and precious memories.

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Ice Cream Month 2014: Get a better scoop with our products

Read on to learn about our FREE giveaway sweepstakes this month.

Ever since Ronald Reagan’s proclamation of July 1984 as National Ice Cream Month, citizens and organizations have celebrated the great tradition of ice cream in this country by observing this event “with appropriate ceremonies and activities,” as enjoined by the said proclamation.

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Celebrate Low Vision Awareness Month 2014 with these items

February is Low Vision Awareness Month. According to AccessWorld magazine, low vision refers to vision problems that cannot be fully corrected such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. Now would be a great time to get that eye exam you have been putting off! As with almost every condition, early detection is key.
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Managing Dysphagia in Residents with Dementia



Source of article: Nursing Homes/Long Term Care Management

Adapted with permission from an original article published at www.speechpathology.com.

Research and statistics clearly indicate that dehydration and malnutrition are prevalent and serious concerns with skilled nursing facility (SNF) residents. Studies indicate that 54% of all newly admitted SNF residents are malnourished; the prevalence of malnourished elderly in SNFs has been reported to range from 20 to 87%. In addition, 60% of all residents experience an initial weight loss following admission.

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How to Make Gardening with a Disability Easier

People with disabilities often find themselves adapting an activity, transforming it from something that isn't doable into something that lets them be more involved and independent. People who love the outdoors, rejoice! Gardening can be a great way for people with disabilities to be active. It just takes a little creative thinking and adaptation. Here are some ways you can make gardening a fun, accessible activity.
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Men’s Health Month 2014: Increase health with good seating

The month of June is really all about men—their contributions, health and wellbeing.

Not only does Father’s Day occur this month, but it is also Men’s Health Month. Furthermore, Men’s Health Week starts on June 9, 2014 and goes through Father’s Day, which is June 15.

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Perfect Mothers Day Gifts … To Make Her Life A Little Easier!

I don’t know about you, but for the past several years it seems like most food and pill containers have become more difficult to open.
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One Morning in the Life of an Arthritic Person

How Janice Went from Pain to Ease with Arthritic Aids

At one time, she could sleep until the sun rose high in the sky, but that was before. Now, it's early to bed and early to rise-and pain is her alarm clock. She could be anybody; we will call her Janice. What makes her different-she is an arthritic person.

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Osteoporosis Month: Tips and Resources

May is National Osteoporosis Month, and we’d like to take this opportunity to talk about an issue that is all too important for people with osteoporosis: fall prevention.
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Overcoming Severe Weakness at Mealtime

August is Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month. SMA is a neuromuscular disease that causes extreme weakness. Many people with neuromuscular conditions like SMA and Muscular Dystrophy have great difficulty eating due to weakness in the arms and hands. A person with SMA or MD often is unable to lift a glass and can have great difficulty getting food from the table to their mouth.
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March is party month! Make your social life accessible

No matter how old or young you are, this time of year is party time. Mardi Gras, St. Patty’s Day, March Madness and Spring Break are all part of this awesome month, and to top it all off, tax refunds are rolling in. Now is the time to try some adaptive products that can make your party going stress-free in spite of mobility impairment.
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ALS-Friendly Cups For Easy Swallowing

Since the ALS Ice Bucket Campaign of 2014, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s disease, has soared in the public consciousness. In observance of ALS Awareness Month, let’s take a look at some products we offer to make the daily living activity of drinking easier for people with ALS or other progressive neuromuscular disorders.
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Hand, bed rails that are there only when you need them

Part of what we do here at The Wright Stuff is help people find the products they need to do safe transfers. Transferring safely between the bed and chair or a chair and the shower is important to prevent falls that could result in everything from pesky bruises to serious injuries. For many, it is important to have something to hold on to at all times, such as bed rails and stair rails, to provide extra balance.
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