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August 20, 2012
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A Better Reading Experience with Reading Aids

Constantly straining to read labels, instructions, and similar bits of print? In this article, we're going to look at several inexpensive ways to cope with these vision challenges.

August is National Eye Exam Month, a time when people are reminded about the importance of having their vision checked and ways to improve their vision. Vision problems can be very different depending on the individual. Maybe you have trouble reading for long periods of time. Or perhaps you find that you are constantly straining to read labels, instructions, and similar bits of print. In this article, we’re going to look at several inexpensive ways to cope with these vision challenges.

Natural light, when and where you need it

Natural Spectrum PageLight

Natural Spectrum PageLight

If you find yourself straining to read in low-light conditions, such as reading a book in a low-lit room, the Natural Spectrum PageLight can help. It provides natural light and distributes it evenly across each page as you read. This natural light is spread gently across the page by a flat panel screen lit by LED Natural Spectrum lights.

The PageLight makes it easy to read in bed or on dimly lit planes or trains without disrupting others around you. Using the PageLight’s dimming switch, you can easily adjust the intensity of the light to suit different reading environments.

Natural light, magnified

EasyRead Illuminated Magnifier

EasyRead Illuminated Magnifier

The EasyRead Lighted Magnifier solves two common problems at once. It provides natural light to a dimly lit reading surface and it magnifies print to make it easier to read. Its not your average magnifier. It sports a pair of Natural Spectrum LED bulbs that clearly lights up whatever you’re reading.

The EasyRead Lighted Magnifier can switch between high and low light to suit whatever lighting condition you happen to be in. It’s is also great for travel. It’s lightweight and portable, making it useful in the car or in your purse or pocket.

Tiny tool, big results

MagnaEye LED Pocket Magnifier

MagnaEye LED Pocket Magnifier

The MagnaEye LED Pocket Magnifier is compact and lightweight and is perfect for low-light situations on the go. It includes an easy on/off LED light as well as a 6X bi-focal insert for reading ultra-fine print. You can easily keep the MagnaEye in your purse or pocket and use it on the go for reading things like menus and maps. And you can keep your MagnaEye protected in the included vinyl travel pouch.

See it and believe it

If you have been struggling reading small print without enough light, you will clearly see the benefit of reading aids like book lights and magnifiers. Reducing the strain on your eyes will allow you to enjoy that book or magazine for longer and let you read more comfortably. But don’t take our word for it. As they say, “seeing is believing.”