If you or a loved one are in your elderly years, have a chronic health condition, and/or disability, performing normal day to day tasks may be complicated for you. Tasks that the average person considers simple may not be so simple to you. Everyday activities such as opening doors, putting away or retrieving items, etc. may be complicated for you. We are going to discuss some adaptive tools and gadgets that can uncomplicate these tasks and others.

Key Turners/Holders

Conditions such as arthritis and Parkinson's Disease as well as hand disabilities often make locking and unlocking doors frustrating. Ergonomic key turners and holders can help solve this problem. Hole- in- one holders, large key turners, and finger grip key turners make opening and locking doors simpler by offering an improved grip and turning leverage and reducing the pressure on your fingers. With these aids, you will be able to help maintain your independence by maintaining control of your keys.

Picking Up and Retrieving

Bending and reaching is impossible for many with certain conditions and disabilities. Products that can help make it possible include various reachers. Feather lite reachers are excellent for arthritis sufferers or those with conditions that cause weakness in the hands. These aids only require seven ounces of pressure to close the jaws after grasping the needed object(s). Arthri reachers are another good aid for arthritis sufferers. The jaws of these reaching products can be rotated 90 degrees, making access easier. A Raptor Reacher can be used to assist you in picking up clothes off the floor as well as other small and large items, with the use of an easy to use trigger control.

Switches and Knobs

Modified switches and knobs help make turning light and lamp switches and appliance knobs on and off effortless. Big lamp switches and knob turners with ergonomic handles provide increased leverage, making them easier to use than standard switches and knobs. A wall switch extension handle is perfect for someone who is wheelchair bound or with limited reach capabilities. The handle adds a twelve-inch extension to standard switches, making them more accessible.

Leisure Activities

Help isn't just limited to doing things around the house, there are also aids available for your leisure activities such as: reading, writing, and watching television. Book holders enable people with upper extremity disabilities to read without having to hold the book. The holder keeps the book, newspaper, or magazine secured at an angle for easy reading. Adaptive writing pens will allow you to journal and write letters more comfortably. These writing tools are especially useful for those with limited hand strength and for those who have hand tremors, as they allow you to write without gripping and they reduce hand tremors. Elderly persons and those with visual impairments can enjoy watching television more with a large button universal remote control. These remotes are simple to use and have lighted large buttons that are easy on the eyes.

We hope that you try out a product or two that fits your situation. A little help can make a big difference in your life.