Accessorizing a Wheelchair for Safety

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December 20, 2011
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Accessorizing a Wheelchair for Safety

Wheelchair Hand Brake Lever

Accessorizing a Wheelchair for Safety

Adding simple accessories to a wheelchair can change the overall safety and comfort of the device. Wheelchairs are designed to help people with mobility challenges easily interact and move throughout the world. But it is difficult to do this without the use of some accessories on the wheelchair for safety. Although theses accessories are additional and do not come with your wheelchair, they are all useful and preventative measures to make your wheelchair safe.

Wheelchair Back Packs

Instead of carrying items loosely, a wheelchair back pack or carrying pouch can attach behind the seat and offers a secure way of storing your items. Several carrying pouch options are available, with a variety of sizes and zipper enclosures. Choose a pouch which suits your day to day needs and provides the necessary storage for the amount of items you typically carry with you. The bags are easily attached to the back of the wheelchair and stay securely in place throughout the day. With multiple compartments, and made from washable material, these pouches are an essential part of keeping your wheelchair safe. This accessory can also look appealing on the back of your wheelchair.

Rim Covers

Rim covers make it more comfortable to hold onto the wheels for self propelling. They come in a variety of colors and styles to add a splash of excitement to your otherwise plane looking wheelchair. The hand rim grips are soft and comfortable for your hands. The cloth is washable and ensures a firm grip when you are pushing or moving the wheel chair. The grip hand rim covers are made to fit a standard 24-inch wheel and are reversible to offer variety. They are also machine washable for your convenience.

Brake Lever Grips

Manual wheelchair brakes often become very difficult to secure and lock in place. Brake lever extensions are available for increased leverage. Accu-Grips are brightly colored wheel lock grips and are designed to make moving the leg rests locks easier. These grips replace the factory grips for standard manual wheelchairs. Ideal for caregivers or anyone with decreased hand strength who has difficulty pushing down the manual wheelchair brake lever. These extensions and special grips it makes it easier for wheelchair users, or their companions, to locate the brakes and leg rest release on a manual wheel chair.


One of the biggest safety risks, for wheelchair individuals, is the possibility of tipping backwards in their chair. Safe T Mate Wheelchair Rear Anti Tippers is the best source to help avoid rear tipping. These metal bars attach easily to the back of the wheel chair and sit at an angle toward the floor. If the wheelchair begins to lean backwards, the anti-tippers catch the chair and prevent any farther movement backwards. This easily attached accessory will prevent any backward tipping in the chair. The Safe T Mate has a universal attachment which allows them to be attached to any brand of wheel chair. They are also adjustable to change the angel of the metal poles which adjust how far back the chair can lean before coming into contact with the bars and stopping.

Accessorizing your wheelchair for safety is an easy and fun way to customize your mobility device. Adding colorful rim covers, grips or a carrying pouch will also make your day to day travel easier and more enjoyable.