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Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids
Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids

Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids

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Pair of padded wrist straps with hooks designed to allow users with limited or no grip to use gym machine equipment bars.
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The Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids include a pair of padded wrist cuffs with stainless steel double hooks. These adapted gripping aids are designed to allow users with limited hand function to grip and release gym equipment.

The Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids allow users to grip and release equipment in the gym or as part of exercise activity. This pair of gripping aids with hooks are designed to be used on bars, machines with bar type handles, and some types of handlebars on bikes or hand bikes. They are great for closed ended bars and other instances where the Active Hands Looped Exercise Aids cannot be used. The unique stainless steel double hook provides stability when under tension and a pulling force that feels great and mimics gripping when in use. The metal hooks have a thin v-shaped section as part of their design with an elastic loop attached. This innovative elastic loop is placed around a finger and prevents the hook from flopping down under its own weight when grabbing a bar overhead or when the user's arms are positioned forward. These hook exercise aids are more versatile than standard hook devices, which only perform well when lifting upwards from the ground. 4 silicone tubes are included for extra grip and are optional to use when gripping rubberized, foam covered or padded bars. The tubes can be added to both of the prongs on the hooks to provide padding, increase grip, preventing slipping and reduce rotation on metal bars. After using the Hook Exercise Aids a few times, they can be personalized and customized for the user's specific hand size and usage. The neoprene material that fits in the palm of the hand can be trimmed for a custom fit. Alternately, a small slit can be cut in the neoprene for the elastic loop to pass through.

The Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids are available in standard size and large size. To determine the size needed, measure the circumference of the narrowest part of the wrist. The Standard size fits 5.3 to 7.2 inches, and the Large size fits 7.1 to 8.7 inches.

Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids Instructions

Active Hands Hook Exercise Aids Specifications:

  • Includes: One pair padded wrist cuffs with hooks, 4 silicone tubes.
  • Choose: Standard or Large size.
  • Standard size fits: 5.3 to 7.2 inches wrist circumference.
  • Large size fits: 7.1 to 8.7 inches wrist circumference.
  • Color: Black.
  • Care: Machine washable.

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