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CMI318 Adjustable Head Pointer
CMI318 Adjustable Head Pointer

Adjustable Head Pointer

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Head-mounted rod can be used for writing, typing, turning pages, or activating switches.
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The Adjustable Head Pointer assists individuals with limited hand use to be able to hold a pointing aid for writing, drawing, turning pages, or activating switches or controls. This adaptive device can also help people with limited verbal communication skills to use communication boards.

The Adjustable Head Pointer is a head mount pointer device designed to assists individuals with limited use of their hands. This lightweight pointing aid provides a hands-free solution that is comfortable to use and secures safely to the top of the head. The head piece consists of adjustable lightweight plastic bands for fitting individual head sizes and shapes. The bands are secured with metal hardware, and topped with a 19 inch aluminum pointer rod. The bands are padded for comfort. The pointer rod is length and angle adjustable in any direction, and is fitted with a removable pencil holder.

Adjustable Head Pointer Specifications:

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