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September 19, 2011
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Arthritis: Body Support Products

Foam Slant Pillow

The word arthritis means ‘joint inflammation’. A person suffering form arthritis feels pain in their joints. Two of the most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Both these types have different symptoms. Osteoarthritis causes pain in the hands, knees and hips, whereas rheumatoid causes inflammation in the wrists and hands. The latter type also has the capability of causing pain in areas other than joints. Our body comfort range is not just made for these two diseases; it is a pain reliever for more than 100 kinds of arthritis. Our collection helps provide protection to your hands, fingers, wrist, knees, elbow, shoulders and hips. Most of these relief products are microwaveable, which help in keeping the swellings down.

Gloves and Joint Supports

Arthritis patients suffer from various joint pains. This pain can be reduced substantially by giving the joints some sort of extra support. We provide support products for many kinds of arthritis. We have gloves that can help reduce wrist, finger and hand joint stress. Similarly, we provide body support for other joints likes knees, ankles, elbow, hips and shoulders. These products help support your joints so you can lead a more normal life. Apart from supporting your body, these products also help keep your joints warm in cold weather – which is the most difficult time for arthritis patients.

Microwave Heat Packs

Applying these packs is a great new method to help suppress joint pain. These packs do not require water, as they absorb moisture from the atmosphere and release moist heat to your body. We have various designs of body packs made for different parts of your body. These heat packs provide continuous heat to your body for 30 minutes. During this time, heat packs can help reduce swelling and relax your joints. Simply heat them in the microwave and apply them on the affected area. You will soon feel more comfortable and maybe even pain-free.

Positioning Aids

You can also provide some relief to your joints by properly positioning them. We offer a variety of products to help you position your joints in a relaxing position. We have a variety of knee rests, waist rests, neck rests and other products which can help provide comfort to your joints. Apart for these positioning products, we also have true gel cushions to help soothe the affected area. These cushions mold themselves according to your body curves – supporting many different parts of your body. They can help you to forget about your pain momentarily. These cushions do not leak and are very durable.

 Aids for Pain Relief

In addition to the body support products above, we also have creams and sprays for arthritis pain relief. Our research and development department has found products that can help reduce swelling – which is a major cause of pain. Apart from these products, we also provide light therapy which has been proven to be very helpful in providing relief to sore and aching joints.

Our body support products have proven to be very helpful to arthritis patients. They are designed to help relieve arthritis pain and make you more comfortable, all at a very inexpensive price. Your comfort is our remuneration.

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