How to make writing easier for people with arthritis.

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August 11, 2011
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How to make writing easier for people with arthritis.

NeoBird Writing Pen
The swelling, stiffness and joint pain associated with arthritis can make writing stressful and difficult. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are the two main types of arthritis that affect the hand and finger joints. A comfortable pen can make writing much easier. An ergonomic pen that is designed for arthritis sufferers can help decrease pain from arthritis when writing.

To make writing easier for someone with arthritis, consider the following features to consider when choosing a pen for them:

Comfort: The pen should fit comfortably in the hand and not be too heavy.

Ergonomic Design: Look for an arthritis-friendly design pens that improve manual dexterity and reduce writing fatigue.

Grip: Larger diameter pens or ones that have a wider barrel can be easier for arthritic fingers to grasp.

Ease of use: Consider how the pen glides on the paper. Different inks can minimize pressure needed for writing.

Arthritis Pens

Special pens designed for arthritic hands are available in many shapes and styles.

  • The Ring Pen is an ergonomically designed writing aid with a center opening. The ring in the middle of the pen is for your index finger – which alters the grip and takes away strain and stress on the hand and fingers. Excellent for people with problems gripping.
  • The PenAgain ergonomic design is suitable for fingers of all sizes. This soft rubber coated pen has an area to rest your index finger for tension free writing. This helpful writing aid works for right or left handed writers.
  • The EZGrip ResQ Gel Pen has been clinically tested and proven to help neutralize difficulties in the hand due to arthritis symptoms. You can hold the EZGrip gel pen in a variety of ways. The indented cushioned tip allows you to use any finger to guide this pen across the paper. No need to press hard, a gentle touch is all you need to start the gel ink flowing.
  • The NeoBird’s Freeform Pen is also and effective writing aid. The sleek “V” design makes this modern writing aid unique. The writer places his index finger in the center of the pen. This allows better control and makes it easier to apply pressure.
  • The Evo Pen has a unique shape, designed for adaptive use. It is unlike the usual cylindrical or stick pen style. The Evo pen is contoured to the shape of the index finger and supported by the thumb, allowing people to write without pain. Commended by the Arthritis Foundation, hand therapists, occupational therapists, and physical therapists.

If you have a favorite writing pen that is difficult to hold, try using a pen holder to make writing less painful. There are many helpful holders and writing adaptors available. Don’t let your arthritis hand pain stop you from doing things you love including writing.

Writing Aids for People with Arthritis