Avoid exhaustion while gardening in summer heat

Gardening is a favorite hobby of many of our customers, and that is why we have been keeping up our line of great gardening products for people with arthritis.

Now that we are almost in the month of June, the scorching heat has begun in several places around the country. Keeping up those garden projects can get difficult this time of year, not only because of physical exhaustion, but also because of the risk of plants not getting enough water.

Water plants while maintaining good posture

Touch 'N Flow Pro 36 Inch Watering Wand

Touch ‘N Flow Pro 36 Inch Watering Wand

We have an easy way for you to make sure your plants don’t dry up and die. The Touch ’N Flow Pro 36 inch Watering Wand will make watering every day an enjoyable and relaxing experience, as it should be. For people with arthritis, watering cans are too heavy and traditional watering wands may require too much reach, causing joint and back pain. The Touch ’N Flow Pro reaches farther and features a sharper angle for watering hanging pots. The long reach also makes it easier to spray water at the grandkids!

Take a seat and smell the roses

Garden Seat Caddy

Garden Seat Caddy

Again, gardening in midsummer is exhausting. The Arthritis Foundation recommends taking frequent breaks to reduce strain on the body. Take a seat on the Garden Seat Caddy and relax a few minutes while watching your garden grow. The Garden Seat Caddy is also perfect for doing work from a seated position, especially jobs that would usually require kneeling.

Give up unnecessary straining

Gardening is a hobby, and no matter how serious we take it, it should not be painful. If your physical techniques for gardening are causing you pain, this may worsen your arthritis over time.

GripEeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap

GripEeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap

One of our newest products for reducing arthritis pain in the garden is the Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove with Strap (for right hand or left hand). We are excited to begin distributing this glove, which has a strap that goes around the fist to provide gripping power. No more strain in the hand and forearm. The Gripeeze DIY & Garden Glove practically holds tools for you, and the leather-tipped fingers and triple-lined cotton interior provides layers of protection.

With the Touch ’N Flow Watering Wand, the Garden Seat Caddy and the Gripeeze Garden Glove, as well as our array of other gloves and long-handled tools, you will be keeping up your garden and your health at the same time.