Avoid heat illness/heat stroke with cup holders

Heat stroke is common this time of year as we reach the hottest points of 2014. But heat stroke can be avoided and should be avoided at all costs.

According to WebMD, heat stroke occurs when a person’s core body temperature reaches more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit and results in many other symptoms, including headaches, nausea or coma. Heat strokes can be fatal, especially if left untreated, and tend to affect athletes, the elderly, people with disabilities and others with health complications that increase their risk factors.

Avoiding heat stroke primarily involves staying cool and staying hydrated. We offer a variety of drinking aids from special cups for gripping to adaptive straws. But for now, let’s take a look at our drink holders for all of you who are looking for a way for your loved one to carry liquids on their wheelchair, scooter or walker.

Different cup holders for different situations

The type of drink holder your loved one needs depends on their level of mobility. Can your loved one lift a drink to their mouth on their own, or do they need a device that holds the drink to their mouth for them?

For those who can’t lift cups

Third Arm Hands Free Cup Holder

Third Arm Hands Free Cup Holder

For those who stay primarily in a wheelchair or scooter and cannot lift a drink, the Third Arm Hands Free Cup Holder would be ideal. This drink holder can clamp to the armrest of a wheelchair or other parts of the wheelchair frame at your convenience. The arm is flexible but holds drinks sturdily. This is not only ideal for those with arm weakness but also for those with Parkinson’s disease or essential tremors.

Bedside Beverage Holder

Bedside Beverage Holder

The Bedside Beverage Holder works much the same way. It is 11 inches long and can clamp onto rails or brackets 3/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter. This makes it ideal for use in the bed or wherever else you can clamp it to.

For those who can lift cups with ease

If your loved one has close to normal arm strength and range of motion, then the most convenient option will be a simple drink holder that can be attached to their wheelchair’s armrest.

Front Mount Unbreakable Cup Holder

Unbreakable Cup Holder Front Mount

The Unbreakable Cupholder Front Mount, as the name implies, is a durable fabric cup holder capable of holding up to 32-ounce bottles. Sports drinks like Gatorade are sometimes suggested instead of water, because heat stroke is often related to salt depletion in our bodies. The Unbreakable Cupholder Front Mount can carry large sports drinks, which contain electrolytes.

Unbreakable Cupholder Side Mount

Unbreakable Cupholder Side Mount

The Unbreakable Cupholder Side Mount might be more convenient for your loved one, as it can be placed closer to them on the inside of the armrest, or it can be situated out of their way by attaching it to the outside of the armrest.

Reduce heat stroke risk for your loved one with a disability by giving them the opportunity to drink liquids whenever and wherever they want.