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Bed Buddy Body Wrap
Bed Buddy Body Wrap

Bed Buddy Body Wrap

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Soft contoured wrap filled with natural grains for hot or cold therapy.
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The Bed Buddy Body Wrap by Carex is a soft, contoured wrap filled with organic materials for moist heat or cold therapy. This versatile wrap is designed for convenient application of therapeutic moist heat or cold to relieve body pain. People with neck, shoulder, arm, leg, knee, and back pains will find this convenient wrap comfortable to use for pain relief.

The Bed Buddy Body Wrap contains 100% organic materials designed to provide natural moist heat or cold therapy. Velcro closure helps secure the wrap comfortably in place. For deep penetrating moist heat, place the wrap in the microwave for 1-1/2 minutes and it stays heated for up to 1 hour. For cold therapy, place it in the freezer overnight. The Bed Buddy Body Wrap provides moist heat relief without water and is and safe for environment, people, and pets.

Bed Buddy Body Wrap Instructions: To Use as a Hot Pack, place in microwave for 1-1/2 minutes. If additional warmth is desired, continue microwaving in 20 second intervals - not to exceed 2-1/2 minutes total heating time per use. To Use as a Cold Pack, place in plastic bag and leave in freezer overnight.

Due to the hygiene nature of this product, it is non-returnable.

PDF Bed Buddy Body Wrap Instructions

Bed Buddy Body Wrap Specifications:

  • Measures: 23 inches long, 16.5 inches wide.
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Materials: Veltex fabric with Velcro closure.
  • Contents: 100% food grade oatmeal and rice.
  • Color: Blue.

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