How to choose the best Reacher for someone with Arthritis

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September 19, 2011
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September 19, 2011
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How to choose the best Reacher for someone with Arthritis


Every house should have a reacher, as it is an absolute necessity for arthritis patients. There are always things in the house which are placed at a position which is difficult to reach. Retrieving anything from such places will cause a lot of pain to someone who is suffering form arthritis. Reachers are specially made to save you from this pain. There are now many reachers available for you online. These reachers come in different designs and sizes making it possible for you to buy the one which perfectly satisfies your need.

Reachers give you access to items which are hard to get to. You can even use them for retrieving things placed in high shelves. They are usually made of aluminum and are very light in weight (7-8 oz). The length of this product can extend up to 32 inches. It can be used to pick up glasses, bottles, newspapers or even books.

Different types of reachers use different gripping technology. Here are a few prominent types.

Trigger grip Reachers: The grip of this reacher is quite similar to a pistol. All you need to do is squeeze your finger on the trigger. This will apply force on the gripping side of the reacher.

Full Grasp Hand Grip Reachers: This reacher is made to distribute the force required to squeeze the trigger amongst all your fingers. Unlike the Trigger grip reacher, you can use all your fingers to apply force on the claws.

Locking Mechanism Reachers: This kind of reacher allows you to hold the item without continuing to grasp the trigger. This particular type has a locking mechanism which maintains the grip even if you stop squeezing the trigger.

Sticking Pads or Magnets: They are also known as ergonomic reachers. They sometimes even have rotating claws. These reachers have magnets or sticking pads attached to their gripping portions. You need less effort to hold the item for these kinds of reachers because of the gripping surface. Magnets attract metal giving your reacher a firm grip without having to put a lot of pressure on the trigger.

Rubber Grippers: They are also known as rainbow reachers. They are light duty and low cost grippers. These are designed to pick up light weight. The flexible rubber allows you to twist and turn your grabber according to the given space. You can pick up pencils, socks and bottles from this gripper.

Battery Operated Reachers: The jaws of this reacher open and close just by pushing a power button. As the name implies, it requires charging from a battery which allows it to use electricity for gripping any item.

Folding Reachers: One of the brands we carry is the ‘Ergo Tek Plus Reachers’. They fold in half for traveling and storage. They easily settle in your hand, giving you a strong grip. Some folding reachers come with attachments which enable you to clamp the reacher to walkers and wheelchairs.

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