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AMI206 Black Elastic Shoelaces
AMI206 Black Elastic Shoelaces

Black Elastic Shoelaces - Discontinued

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3 pairs of black flat stretchable shoe laces.
Part Number: AMI206
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Black Elastic Shoe Laces allow enough stretch so that shoes can be slipped on or off without untying. These elasticized black shoe laces are helpful for people who have difficulty tying their shoe laces.

Black Elastic Shoe Laces make lace up shoes easier to put on and take off. To use these adapted shoe laces, simply lace them in your shoes. With your shoe on your foot, tie the shoelaces. They will stretch to allow your foot to slide in and out of your shoe. These black stretchable shoe laces are flat, rather than round, so they remained tied better. Three pairs of elastic shoe laces are included in each package. Choose from 2 lengths: 24 inch long laces fit shoes with 4 to 5 eyelet pairs; 30 inch long laces fit shoes with 6 eyelet pairs. Elastic shoe laces are available in white, black, and brown.

Black Elastic Shoe Lace Specifications:

  • Includes: 3 pairs of black elastic shoe laces in each package.
  • Color: Black.
  • Choose size: 24 inch or 30 inch.
  • 24 inch long fits: Shoes with 4 to 5 eyelet pairs.
  • 30 inch long fits: Shoes with 6 eyelet pairs.

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