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Five Things You May Know Not Know About Arthritic Aids

1. Arthritic Aids Are Not Just About Wheelchairs

In fact, arthritis is not just about discomfort associated with mobility. Persons with arthritis often have trouble with some daily tasks that seem commonplace: cooking and eating meals; bathing; grooming; and getting dressed. Arthritic aids not only ease the pain, but they allow persons with arthritis to join in with everyday activities enjoyed by other people who are not suffering from arthritis.

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Living With Arthritis

Products and ideas to help make living with Arthritis a little easier…

Living with arthritis can present a wide array of challenges. Some of these challenges may be temporary, following surgery or during periods of flare-ups. Some of these challenges may be life long. Arthritis can create problems with mobility, range of motion, fine motor skills, and cause pain and fatigue that may affect the performance of daily tasks. While surgery, physical therapy and pain management may help some people with some of these issues, for the most part there is no way to remove the cause of the difficulty. Therefore, it is important for the person with arthritis to find solutions to some of these basic problems, and fortunately there are many products available that can help.

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Ask the Arthritis Supplies Expert

Arthritis Putting Damper on Couple's Social Life


"My husband suffers from arthritis so badly that almost everything he does causes him pain and discomfort. You can imagine what this has done to our social life! We hardly go out anymore. The thing of it is, I think he really does want to go out. It's just the arthritis that's holding him back."

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Fun and Games with Arthritic Aids?

Too often, persons with arthritis view arthritic aids as being purely functional, practical, and--let's face it--boring. It's all well and good to have aids that help you easily turn on lights, move safely into the bathtub, and button a blouse. But what about fun and pleasure? Does arthritis mean sitting alone in a chair every night, reading old magazines?
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Is the Garden Off-Limits for Arthritic Persons?

Not With Arthritic Gardening Aids

There are a host of adapted aids to help arthritic persons around the house. Many are familiar — from special kitchen aids like lipped plates to grooming and bathing aids such as elevated toilet seats and hand grips for the bathtub.

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Mississippi Technology Awareness Conference

The mission of Project START is to ensure the provision of appropriate Technology-Related services for Mississippians with disabilities by increasing the awareness of and access to Assistive Technology and by helping the existing service systems to become more consumer responsive so that all Mississippians with disabilities will receive appropriate Technology-Related services and devices.
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Additional Dependa Bar Information

Pivoting & Locking Technology – Dependa-Bar™ locks every 45° (5 positions), providing a support rail that moves with user.

Ease of Installation – Mounts securely to structural studs behind bathtub wall of any construction (fiberglass, plastic, tile wall, etc.).
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Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland, Oregon

At the MSSP, our sole purpose is to help improve the quality of life for those living with MS, including family members and caregivers. We offer a wide range of information to help those dealing with MS to understand the disease. We provide referrals to a wide range of programs and support, and our services are designed with the comfort, convenience and relaxation of those with MS.
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Gift ideas for celebrating the woman in your life

The year 2014 is still young. It is the perfect time to jump ahead of schedule and get gifts for the women in our lives, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or anniversary.
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Wheelchair Safety 101

Consider wheeled devices for a moment. Cars have four wheels and a steering wheel. Bicycles have two wheels and a handlebar. Wheelchairs have four wheels and...well, no steering wheel, no handlebars.
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When bathing and shampooing is impossible, consider No Rinse

Those who face mobility limitations know too well how difficult it is to find an accessible bathroom setup that meets all of their needs. Even the bathroom in one’s own home may not be properly modified and therefore virtually unusable. This means people with mobility limitations often have to rely on bed baths, which are less effective, and almost any trip will involve staying in a hotel where it is impossible to use the shower or to wash one’s hair.
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Crutcheze Dealer

We are pleased to welcome The Wright Stuff, Crutcheze new dealer in Mississippi. The Wright Stuff was established by health care professionals dedicated to providing health care products that make a difference in the lives of their customers. They are located in Crystal Springs, Mississippi with a worldwide customer reach through four online stores each serving a particular healthcare specialty, which are caregiver products, arthritis supplies, adaptive daily living aids and mobility aids.
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A Well-Stocked Kitchen for Arthritic Cooks

Most kitchens are packed with implements as big and weighty as cast-iron Dutch ovens and small appliances and as tiny as measuring spoons and grapefruit forks. Yet out of all of those hundreds of items, consider how few are appropriate for the arthritic cook.

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Weeding Out Pain

Kate Lohnes April 27, 2007 - 4:02PM Imagine not being able to drive a car, or pick up a pen, or pluck a weed from your garden. It sounds like a nightmare, but for people with arthritis, it sometimes becomes their reality. One of the many activities some people give up at the onset of arthritis is gardening. The constant stooping, kneeling and gripping oftentimes becomes difficult for different parts of the body, from hands to knees to backs.
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Daily living with urinary incontinence, lack of mobility

Establishing a restroom routine is important for people with mobility impairments or people who have urinary incontinence.

Managing restroom needs can be difficult for these groups of people, especially in today’s hustle-bustle environment of meetings and long work weeks.

However, it is important for you to take care of your body. Not being able to go to the restroom when you need to can cause health problems and inconveniences.

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Try a Wheelchair Umbrella this Umbrella Month

With spring and the beautiful sun and showers it brings, what better time to have a whole month dedicated to the great invention of the umbrella? That’s right. March is umbrella month, and we are selling some excellent products for you to tackle the sun and rain in style.
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Take matters into your own hands with the right portable ramp

People who rely on a wheelchair for their mobility face many obstacles in society, but one that is particularly troublesome and limiting is the wide presence of steps and curbs. Although the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990 has helped to cause buildings to be more accessible, it is still not uncommon to come across entrances with no ramps. The ADA is not always enforced, and small businesses, like hole-in-the-wall restaurants, are often inaccessible. With our portable access ramps, you can take the situation into your own hands and free yourself to go anywhere without worrying as much about whether there will be a step to overcome.
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Summer reading made a breeze with these aids

We wish all our patrons and friends a good summer and a fun break from school and work. And for those who are retired, the summer is a good break from the cold and a time to go outside, sit and smell the roses.
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Summer Foot Care Tips for Seniors

Your feet work hard to keep you going. And during hot summer days, they can really take a beating. It’s especially important for seniors to take care of their feet. We’ve put together some tips for keeping all ten toes cool and clean during the hot summer months.
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Stroke Smart

Good Grips® eating utensils have large soft rubber handles to cushion your grip and are helpful for stroke survivors with limited hand mobility. The stainless steel utensils have an adjustable metal shaft that allows them to be twisted to an angle that is easy and comfortable to use.
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Staying Comfortable During Breast Cancer Treatment

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month, many people and organizations remind us of the importance of self-exams and screenings to help detect breast cancer as early as possible. Breast cancer is relatively common in women, as 1 in 8 will develop breast cancer, according to Breastcancer.org. Consider the following statistics from Breastcancer.org:
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Prepare for spring garden greatness with these tools!

Although Punxsutawney Phil, the famous groundhog who predicts the coming of spring each year according to legend, has declared six more weeks of winter for 2014, the next gardening season will be here before you know it. You only have a few more weeks left to get everything in order for spring planting. Go ahead and check out our adaptive gardening tools that will make your planting much easier and more enjoyable. If you order now, you’re more likely to get your supplies in time!
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Solving Problems Around the House for Seniors

Seniors face many obstacles in a world not necessarily designed for them. And seniors encounter many of these challenges in their own homes! Moving about from room to room, reaching for items high and low, and spending some well-deserved relaxation time are just a few activities that might seem easy to many people but that can present a challenge for seniors. We’re going to take a crack at solving some of these problems that seniors face around the house.
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Seeking Solutions with Suzanne

As we age, and the execution of things we once took for granted becomes more difficult, the desire to maintain our independence becomes very important. Needing assistance from others in order to perform simple, everyday actions is not something we look forward to.
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Sclerderma Voice

Great Grips Faucet Grips make turning the water on and off an effortless task for people with scleroderma or arthritis. Each package contains two Great Grips Faucet Grips per package, one red and one blue. They're also a big help in eliminating confusion of which faucet is hot and cold water. The bright red and blue color-coded faucets provide a great visual cue.
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