Brushes, sponges with handles help during stroke recovery

If you are caring for a loved one who has suffered a stroke, one area in which you may be assisting them is showering and bathing.

Stroke often causes muscle weakness and loss of full control of the muscles that makes daily living routines, such as showering, more difficult than they used to be. Transitioning from the old ways of doing things that your loved one was accustomed to will be especially difficult at first.

Find way to increase bathing independence

However, once you and your loved one begin to find bathing aids, such as adaptive sponges and brushes, that are helpful in your particular situation, they will begin to gain more independence.

The brushes and sponges we sell are made specifically for those with limited range of motion and strength. Let’s take a look at just a few of our handled brushes and sponges that may greatly be of use to your loved one.

One brush for scrubbing and lathering

Elite Bath Brush with Soap Insert

Elite Bath Brush with Soap Insert

The Elite Bath Brush with Soap Insert is a two-in-one bathing aid, as it features a head with a scrubbing brush on one side and a soap insert holder on the other.

The 15 and 1/2 inch-long contoured handle will make it easier for your loved one to reach all areas while bathing without relying on your assistance. It’s especially useful for stroke survivors who cannot hold slippery bars of soap or manipulate soft soap bottles easily.

Handle for reaching back areas

Bendable Handle Sponge

Bendable Handle Sponge

However, reaching the back or behind the legs may still be difficult for your loved one, in which case the Bendable Long Handle Sponges will be particularly useful. Bend them to any desired angle for your loved one. No tools or heat guns required!

Bent Long Handle Large Grip Sponges

Bent Long Handle Large Grip Sponges

Also consider the Bent Long Handle Large Grip Sponges, which come already bent at 90 degrees to allow your loved one to reach over their shoulders with ease.

Massage the scalp

Body Care Long Handle Hair Washer

Body Care Long Handle Hair Washer

Washing one’s hair is one of the great pleasures of anyone’s day, but when dealing with arm and hand limitations, scrubbing sufficiently can be difficult. There is no reason for your loved one to make short shrift of their hair washing ritual. The Body Care Long Handle Hair Washer features a long handle with soothing nodules on the end that imitate fingers and are used to massage the scalp to the heart’s content.

Reach toes with no bending


Dr. Joseph's Original Footbrush

Dr. Joseph’s Original Footbrush

We haven’t forgotten the toes either! Dr. Joseph’s Original Footbrush is 25 and 1/2 inches long with a sponge and brush on the end. Not having to bend over reduces fall risk.

Your loved one will appreciate the independence they will get from these handled sponges and brushes. Just a little independence goes a long way.