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Buckle Bopper Seat Belt Aid
Buckle Bopper Seat Belt Aid

Buckle Bopper Seat Belt Aid

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Makes unbuckling child seat belt buckles easier!
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The Buckle Bopper is a small lightweight tool that fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to easily unbuckle a seat belt buckle. No more pressing seat belt buckles with sore fingers! The shaft in the center of the Buckle Bopper acts as an extra thumb which uses the force of your palm and larger arm muscles to depress the buckle. This seat belt aid allows you to unbuckle your child's car seat without using your fingers or thumbs. It is ideal for individuals with temporary or chronic hand pain, hand weakness, or thumb or hand injuries.

This unique ergonomic hand-held tool is soft and pliable in the palm of your hand. The hard shaft is capped with a soft rubber tip which comes into contact with the buckle surface, and is just the right texture to grab hold of the buckle for a secure fit. The Buckle Bopper works with most activator-type buckles. To use the Buckle Bopper, place one hand behind the buckle, hold the Buckle Bopper in the palm of your other hand and press the tip into the buckle surface to release the buckle.

Each Buckle Bopper comes with a holster. The holster can be clipped to many surfaces out of the reach of your child. The clip allows the holster to hold firmly to almost any surface without scuffing or scratching. Attach it to seat belts, seat back pockets, door storage, behind the car seat...almost anywhere in your car. The Buckle Bopper Seat Belt Aid allows users to unbuckle a child's car seat without hurting their fingers. People with hand pain, hand weakness, or thumb or hand injuries, disabilities, handicaps will find this tool easy to use.

Buckle Bopper Specifications:

  • Measures: 3-1/2 inches wide, 3 inches high.
  • Post measures: 1 inch.
  • Color: White and green.
  • Includes: One Buckle Bopper and holster.

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