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Bundle Up For The Winter

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Winter is coming and that means soups, hot chocolate, and our favorite, warm blankets. Winters can be harsh and mother nature isn’t always kind, so here’s a few tips to stay cozy this winter with the Wright Stuff.

Heat Therapy 

The damage that colder temperatures can do to our bodies is often subtle and unseen until we’re restless and tense at night without proper body heat or heat therapy to relax those tensed, cold muscles. Those with conditions such as Arthritis or Parkinson’s might be in more pain during these colder temperatures due to tense muscles and a lack of proper circulation. Little tricks like taking a warm bath with soothing bath salts can do wonders for your body, but it’s not always a ready option. Heat therapies such as hot/cold packs and wraps are a much easier, ready-to-use product. Other types of heat therapies can include simple little things like eating soup for dinner and hot chocolate later in the evening. It can help the body regulate proper temperature and keep you warm throughout the night. For those with a disability that causes weak muscles or impaired movement, it’s extremely important to stay bundled up, not only for comfort but for your health as well.

Bundle Up 

When temperatures drop below freezing the chances of hypothermia increase greatly, hypothermia is a condition when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it, resulting in a dangerously low body temperature. Hypothermia can be as mild as shivers and poor circulation or as severe as heart failure, it’s not something to take lightly and can easily be prevented. Staying bundled up is the first step to staying warm through these colder temperatures, so here’s a list of ideas below.

  • Jackets and Capes – The Granny Jo Lightweight Fleece Cape is designed for those that don’t feel comfortable wearing sweaters. It’s made of fleece and even has pockets for convenience. The Janska Fleece Easy Wear Jacket is another uniquely designed product made for those that cannot wear sweaters due to a condition or disability. It has an open back design for easy wear and access.
  • Wraps and Leg/Arm Warmers – The Janksa Fleece Blanket Wrap is a stylish, comfortable way to spend the winter. Here are some leg and arm warmers for controlled heat and comfort with options between fleece and aromatherapy fabrics.
  • MocSocks – Everyone knows that the key to warmth is by keeping our feet bundled. Traditional socks don’t always do the trick and that’s why we recommend Janska MocSocks, they’re slip resistant socks designed for comfort, warmth, and fall prevention.

Staying bundled up helps to control and maintain proper body heat, but it doesn’t always give us that “cozy” feeling we search for when the snow’s falling outside. A good way to relax during a snow day is to find a comfy recliner, sit back with a book and a thermos of hot chocolate, and bundle up. It’s really an amazing, relaxing feeling that can only be enjoyed with cold weather. Stay warm and cozy with us this winter at the Wright Stuff!