For those of us with mobility limitations, especially those of us with muscle weakness, one fixture we rely on most is the table. Without a table or tray to rest items on or to write on, it becomes very difficult to eat or do other activities.

Hospital tables have convenient features

Often, traditional tables present a multitude of problems. For this reason, many wheelchair users opt to use rolling hospital tables in the home and community. The practical features of such tables are that they do not feature an annoying lip, are adjustable and can be easily moved to different areas of the house or even out and about.

Not all hospital tables are created equal

However, if you have used hospital tables before, you have probably experienced some common problems. For those of you who are buying a hospital table for the first time, it is important for you to consider these problems.

U-Shaped vs. H-shaped table legs

Many modern hospital tables have U-shaped legs and are designed mainly for rolling under hospital beds. However, U-shaped legs are not ideal for a lot of other situations in which you might want to use the table.

U-Shaped and H-shaped leg design comparison

U-Shaped and H-shaped leg design comparison

Look at the U-shaped leg design above. There is no way for a wheelchair user to pull up to this table, since the front wheels of the wheelchair will run into the leg of the table. On the other hand, the H-shaped leg design (the one circled in yellow above) has ample space for the front wheels and foot plates of a wheelchair.

Alternatively, the wheelchair user can roll one of the horizontal legs between the front wheels of the chair.

Furthermore, H-shaped hospital table legs are more out-of-the-way even for caregivers, who must walk around it or move it from place to place.

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Non Tilt Overbed Table

Non Tilt Overbed Table

The Non Tilt Over Bed Table is a beautiful rolling table with the convenient H-shaped legs for optimal wheelchair use. It adjusts in height between 28 and 45 inches and provides a sturdy flat surface for eating and drinking.

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Deluxe Tilt Top Over Bed Table

Deluxe Tilt Top Over Bed Table

The Deluxe Tilt Top Over Bed Table offers the same H-shaped leg design but with a tabletop that tilts 33 degrees either direction. This makes it ideal reading, writing and doing paperwork from a wheelchair.

No table is just a table. Here at The Wright Stuff, we keep in mind the small details that make all the difference in daily living.

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