Coffee mugs to steady the hand, provide gripping ability

Arthritis in the hand is not only painful but can seem very debilitating at times. Among the many areas where arthritis gets in the way is when trying to drink out of cups.

A task that once seemed easy enough has become incredibly difficult. As arthritis causes your joints to be stiff or suffer inflammation or both, picking up a cup of coffee may be near impossible. Osteoarthritis commonly causes mild hand tremors and puts you at risk for spilling coffee and burning yourself.

However, there is a solution. You should not have to forego your sacred ritual of your morning coffee just because of arthritis. We have some cups that many have found to help them get past these problems. Built-up cups and cups with extra gripping areas are proven to help make your coffee and tea drinking a nuisance-free routine.

A beautiful cup made for gripping

Hand to Hand Mug

Hand to Hand Mug

The Hand to Hand Mug features a large handle and is completely insulated, protecting your hands from the hot mug. This insulated feature, along with the ergonomic humps on the outside of the mug make it easy to grasp with both hands.

If you have recently found it difficult to hold your coffee cup steady, the Hand to Hand Mug gives you exponentially more gripping power. Not to mention, it is a beautiful mug that looks like it is made of ceramic.

Two handles are better than one!

Arthritis Thumbs Up Cup

Arthritis Thumbs Up Cup

You may find that the brilliantly designed handles of the Arthritis Thumbs Up Cup help you drink coffee more easily than ever before. The handles are slanted to prevent having to twist the wrist to lift the brim of the cup to your mouth. The thumb rests located above the two handles helps you steady your hand. The removable spouted lid offers even more protection from spills.

Granny Jo Dignity Mug

Granny Jo Dignity Mug

The Granny Jo Dignity Mug is made of good old-fashioned ceramic, but unlike traditional ceramic mugs, it features two handles on either side. This allows for various gripping options. The Granny Jo Dignity Mug also has a curved rim to prevent dripping.

Independence Two Handle Clear Mug

Independence Clear Mug with Two Handles

The Independence Clear Mug with Two Handles also features two large handles and an extra wide base.

While we love hot drinks like coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate, all of these cups are also great for holding cold drinks. Whether the drink is hot or cold, these adaptive cups will help you prevent annoying spills and offer a more pleasant drinking experience.