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Contour L-Pillow - Discontinued

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Soft support for a variety of sleeping positions.
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The Contour L-Pillow is a unique "L" shaped pillow that can be positioned in different ways to support the upper or lower body. The versatile design was developed especially for side sleepers, but is ideal for people who need support for sleeping comfortably in any position. People with disabilities who need soft support for body positioning may find this pillow helpful.

The Contour L-Pillow can be positioned in a variety of ways for different sleeping positions. Hug the pillow by resting your head comfortable on one side while wrapping your arms comfortably on the other. The 2 sides keep your neck, shoulders and upper body naturally aligned. For side lying sleepers, the pillow can provide back and neck support or positioned between the knees for lower back, hip and knee support. Each side measures about 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and tapers from 9 inches high in the center to 7 inches high on each end. This soft fiber filled pillow has a plush microfiber feel. The Contour L-Pillow is made of quality construction and premium polyester filling to provide long lasting comfort and durability.

Non-returnable hygiene item.

Contour L-Pillow Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 48 inches long, (24 inches each side), 12 inches wide, 7 inches high.
  • Product Material: 100% Polyester fiber-fill.
  • Product Shell: 100% Polyester with damask stripe pattern.
  • Pillow Case: Sold separately.

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