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CoreStretch Back Stretching Aid
CoreStretch Back Stretching Aid

CoreStretch Back Stretching Aid

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Ergonomically positions the body and elongates the back.
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The CoreStretch Back Stretching Aid is a portable, lightweight, and collapsible back stretcher originally designed for physical therapy. Professionals have successfully used CoreStretch for years to assist users with increasing range of motion, preventing injuries, reducing pain, and increased recovery time.

The CoreStretch provides users optimal stretching that can be used in seated, standing, or floor positions. Unlike conventional back stretching methods that force the back to curve, users will find this easy to use stretching aid provides better positioning for more effective stretching. By ergonomically positioning the body and elongating the back, users experience a deeper, more effective stretch of the muscles and support tissues that surround the core and legs. The CoreStretch allows the user to control the stretch by using the body's own natural traction to help align the spine resulting in the sustained relief of back pain and improved mobility. With CoreStretch, users get the benefits of traction without hanging upside down. The three-plane swivel provides stretching for 3 levels of fitness with 10 sizing options, in up-and-down, side-to-side, and twisting motions for all major muscle groups. Fully collapsed, the CoreStretch easily fits under a desk or car seat, allowing users to stretch throughout the day whether in the office or on a job site.

PDFCoreStretch Back Stretching Aid Instructions

CoreStretch Back Stretching Aid Specifications

  • Provides: 3 levels of fitness with 10 sizing options

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