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June 16, 2011
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June 16, 2011
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Top Products to Ease Pain and Increase Comfort

No one ever said that illness or mobility difficulties were easy to bear. Many of the assistive devices already prescribed to you may not provide adequate comfort and relief from pain.

Folks just like you who happen to be suffering from pain related to age, illness, arthritis, or accidents have found smart ways to deal with this problem. They take advantage of a host of products that ease discomfort and help them feel good again. Here are some of the most popular products:

Sleeping Aids to Help You Wake Rested for the Day

You cannot have a good day unless you have a deep restful sleep. You may be tossing and turning all night because your current bedding items are not designed for issues that may be affecting you. That’s why there are bed positioning and pillow aids that help in many different ways: gently lifting your legs, separating knees, supporting your torso, aligning your body, and many other positions to assist you.

Clean and Sanitary Moist Heat Compresses

Have you tried to ease joint pain, sinus pressure, or headaches with various types of heat compresses? Haven’t you always found them to be messy and unsanitary — and they lose their heat quickly? A new type of compress, or wrap, is available called MediBeads which warms gently in the microwave but cannot get too hot. MediBeads wraps don’t need any water: they wick in water from the air. Enjoy the instant, hydrating, and clean comfort of MediBeads wraps.

Healing, Moisturizing, and Pressure Relief Cream

Skin gets a real beating just by ordinary, everyday life: the sun, wind, and rain all contribute to premature aging, not to mention discomfort. Then, skin becomes even more damaged due to pressure from crutches, casts, and canes. You need a special healing and moisturizing cream that is nothing like the ordinary stuff found on drugstore shelves. Triderma MD® is specially formulated for people experiencing certain conditions such as eczema, pressure sores, wounds, rosacea, and other painful skin irritations.

Soft, Resizable Polymer Pads

If you’re experiencing discomfort from splints, crutches, leg or head rests, or any other type of assistive device, then you may know that good padding can help you. There are special pads, called Akton Polymer pads, which come in a range of thicknesses and sizes. But the best thing about these polymer pads is that they can be cut to size with an ordinary pair of scissors. Even though the pads feel and appear to be filled with gel, they are made of a solid, cohesive polymer material which is both resistant to bacteria and germs and is fire-resistant.

Wrist, Hand, and Thumb Supports

Perhaps the hand support prescribed to you isn’t providing enough support. If so, you’ll find a range of soft wraps for your thumb, hand, or wrist that are easy to put on and provide hours of comfort between changes.