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October 13, 2011
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October 21, 2011
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Having Fun Dining with One Hand


Dining with one hand can be extremely frustrating. Eating food with family without any external support can be very challenging for people using one hand. Although people with the use of one hand are very good in adapting to the given situation, there are now specialized utensils and dishes available that can make dining with one hand less frustrating and more enjoyable.

Scoop Plates

These adapted plates have slightly taller rims on one side. This reverse curve helps you in scooping your food into the spoon and reduces the risk of spills. Food can be pushed by a utensil against this wall-like edge. Scooper plate edges may be straight or curved. Some scoop plates and bowls are available with a suction or non skid base for increased stability. Look for different sizes, shapes and materials for the one that will fit your needs the best.

Food Guards

If you want to go for a cheaper option, then you can choose a food guard or food bumper that can be attached to most regular plates and provides the same support as scooper plates. These are most commonly used by people who have controlled movement with only one hand. Some food guards are straight while others are curved. My Plate Mate is a larger curved food guard, developed by an occupational therapist to meet the needs of her clients dining using a single hand.

Adapted Silverware

One handed people often find it difficult to control their food. This can be made easier by using utensils with bendable or customizable handles. The handle may be angled to the left or right to make inserting the utensil into the mouth easier when using one hand for dining. Different handle sizes, shapes and materials can be very beneficial in providing a person with the use of one hand independence in dining. Different kinds of silverware ranging from a simple tea spoon to salad fork can be used by people who can only use one hand due to problems like paralysis, arthritis or amputation. Knorks are simple multifunctional utensils combining a fork and knife. This adapted silverware allows you to gently cut through your food using rocker motion. These therapeutic dining utensils are easy to use which allow one handed people to eat without assistance.

Rocker Knifes

These are high quality knives designed for one handed people. The specially designed, curved blade allows food to be cut with a rocking motion instead of the usual two handed fork and knife slicing method. Some rocker knives are designed with a 90 degree angle between the handle and blade. Some rocker knives are designed with smoother safety blades for table dining use, while others are very sharp and should be used with caution. Look for handles in different sizes, shapes and materials and for rocker knives in various designs so that you can choose the one which specifically caters to your needs.

Occupational and physical therapists can help people with the use of one hand learn to be independent by teaching them techniques for one-handed living. It is up to the individual to continue to find new tricks and tools for eating with one hand. Single handed dining can be challenging. Finding the right tools to make it easier can be fun.

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