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  • ErgoTek  Plus Reachers ErgoTek Plus Reachers
    ErgoTek Plus Reachers are ergonomically designed and require less force and pressure for grasping items that are out of reach.
  • Swedish Kitchen Knives Swedish Kitchen Knives
  • Bandana Bibs Bandana Bibs
    The Bandanna Bib features an absorbent cotton front and a backing that is waterproof and breathable. The bib also has a convenient velcro neck closure.
  • Chili Pad Mattress Topper Chili Pad Mattress Topper
    The Chili Pad Mattress Topper is an innovative bed cover that helps regulate the temperature of the bed for more restful sleep.
  • Under-Toe Washer Under-Toe Washer
  • Verilux Full Spectrum Floor Lamps Verilux Full Spectrum Floor Lamps
    Verilux floor lamps use full spectrum light to enhance the clarity and contrast of reading materials, projects, craft work and task work. Full spectrum light improves vision while reducing eyestrain and fatigue.
  • Trolley Baskets Trolley Baskets
    Trolley baskets help make shopping easier for people with disabilities. Wheeled shopping baskets can be pulled or carried for transporting groceries or laundry. Ergonomic pull handle and swivel wheels for carrying groceries and laundry.
  • Light Therapy Light Therapy
  • PsycheSleep Pillow PsycheSleep Pillow
    Designed to help sleep apnea patients get a good night's sleep.

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Arthwriter Hand Aid - Discontinued
Not for Sale.
Nimbeze Easy Mornings ADL Kit - Discontinued
Not for Sale.
Stamina Active Aging EasyDecompress - Discontinued
Not for Sale.
TubTight Mounted Tub Bench - Discontinued
Not for Sale.
Bariatric Long Sliding Bath Transfer Bench - Discontinued
$350.00 $292.00 Sale
Not for Sale. Free Shipping
Apex Enablers Home Helpers Kit - Discontinued
Not for Sale.
Etac Relieve Cheese Slicer - Discontinued
Not for Sale.
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