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Do More with an Adapted Workspace

If you have a disability, you might find your workspace working against you. Here's how you can transform your workspace into a help instead of a hindrance.

Productivity buffs know that your workflow and your workspace are two critical areas to get right if you want to get more done. If you have a disability or physical impairment, you might find your workspace working against you. Equipped with the right accessories, however, you can turn it into a help instead of a hindrance.

Keep books and papers in check

In an increasingly digital world, books and paper seem to fit in your workflow as well as a square peg fits a round hole. If you find yourself needing to refer to these ancient relics while doing you work, make it easy on yourself with the LEVO Desk Book Holder.

LEVO Desk Bookholder

LEVO Desk Book Holder

The LEVO Desk Book Holder clamps to a desk or table and holds your reading material in the most ergonomically correct height and angle to your line of vision. This improves your posture and reduces the pain and discomfort involved in holding up a book or hanging your head down to read. No more aching arms and stiff neck! If you have massive amount of cardboards left over, you may need cardboard balers for that.

If you can’t beat ’em, cut ’em

Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors

Long Loop Easi Grip Scissors

Speaking of paper, adapted scissors will help you in those situations where you need to make a cut. Save the trees by printing two meeting agendas to a page! People with hand weakness or a lack of hand control may have difficulty using standard scissors. Adapted scissors allow you to use your whole hand to cut by providing a spring mechanism for reopening the scissors automatically. They also provide more ergonomic handles that reduce strain on your hand. Mounted table top scissors give people with very limited hand strength and control an edge by stabilizing the scissors and providing a better grip and increased leverage than standard scissors.

Give yourself a hand

There are a lot of obstacles present for people with hand and arm impairments in the typical workspace. Phones need to be answered, emails need to be typed, and various desk inhabitants need to be used and moved.

Universal Hand Clip

Universal Hand Clip

The Universal Hand Clip is perfect for people with arthritis or limited hand strength who need an easier way to navigate their workspace. The spring action clip fits snugly around the hand. The clip can then attach to various handheld objects via Velcro strips. Attach the hand clip to phones, cups, bottles and various other handheld objects.

Typing Aid

Typing Aid

The staple of the typical office workspace is the computer. Using a keyboard can challenging if you have limited finger strength or hand control. The Typing Aid can help you press keys accurately. The clip fits around the hand and and provides a small, stable, pointer with a rubber tip for pressing keys. It can be used on keyboards, calculators, telephones, and other machines with keys and buttons. The rubber tip ensures that it will not damage machine keys.

Work better with natural light

Verilux Desk Lamp

Verilux Desk Lamp

Verilux Desk Lamps provide full spectrum (or “daylight”) lighting. Full spectrum light enhances the clarity and contrast of reading materials, projects, craft, and task work all while reducing eyestrain and fatigue. In addition, all Verilux lamps include flicker-free ballast and Optix™ glare control, delivering daylight intensity, full spectrum light, without glare. By lighting your workspace with natural spectrum light, you can be more productive, less fatigued, and even in an better mood.

Do more in less time

If you spend a lot of time at your desk, why not make it more efficient and productive? The products we’ve discussed are a few examples of how you can adapt your workspace to get more done in less time.