August is Summer Sun Safety Month and it’s no guess as to why, August is usually the hottest month of the year. As temperatures and humidity begin to rise, our hydration levels lower to a point that our body begins to sweat to keep us cool. Many jobs require to be out in the heat all day, but also many activities. While most people are content to slap on some sunscreen and drink a few bottles of water, sun damage goes further than a sunburn and dry mouth. Those with disabilities need to be careful as they can be at a higher risk for heat stroke, dehydration, sunburn, heat rash, and heart complications. That’s why it’s important to outsmart the heat and drink plenty of water.

Create a Plan

Avoiding the sun can cause further complications down the road when there’s no sun avoidance and tolerance to heat waves is low. Start out slow, like leisure activities such as gardening or taking a short walk. If needed, walking aids can always act as a good reliant in fear of falling, heat exhaustion, or stroke.

Once smaller, leisure activities have been established, gear up with some water bottles, a nice hat, and even an umbrella to provide some shade while outside. This can greatly reduce the risks of heat stroke and sunburn, making your stay in the sun far more enjoyable and worthwhile. Remember to drink plenty of fluids, the risk of dehydration can lead to many complications, some of them severe enough to take a life.

The dangers of dehydration can bring the following:

  • Headaches
  • Muscle Cramping
  • Thirst/Dry mouth
  • Heat Stroke

Those already struggling with stroke, migraines, or joint/muscle pain have to be more cautious as too much sun and not enough self care can certainly worsen the condition.

Along with plenty of shade, skin care with lotions, sunscreens, and ointments can also prevent heat rashes and burns. Another nifty trick is to purchase a pair of sunglasses, our eyes are sensitive to direct sunlight and it can cause many complications if there’s too much exposure. Just don’t forget them on your head! All in all, it might feel like a lot of prep time but it’s worth it in the end, and you might end up with a new, cool pair of sunglasses for the summer too!

Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Between keeping hydrated, cool, healthy, and safe, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of outdoor activities. Summer is supposed to be fun, meant for parks and family get togethers, maybe even a dip in the pool. It’s always a good idea to play it safe and smart first, but the real accomplishment is to have fun too!

An easy way to make things less stressful for your adventure can be simple things such as having a bag already packed for the day from the night before. Planning is half of the battle, remembering is the second half. Enjoy the sun while it lasts, be safe and always drink plenty of fluids.

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