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AMI3062 Door Knob Extender : Package of 2
AMI3062 Door Knob Extender : Package of 2

Door Knob Extender : Package of 2

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Allows users to easily convert standard doorknobs into lever handles for universal access.
Part Number: AMI3062
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The Door Knob Extender includes two extension handles that provide extra leverage so less pressure is needed to turn a doorknob. People with limited hand function will find these adapted door handles help make opening doors easier.

The Door Knob Extender fits over a standard doorknob and allows complete access to keyholes. The handle measures five inches long and easily converts a doorknob into a door lever. The slot allows a cord or string to be inserted for those with limited grasping ability. The handle is easily installed using only a screwdriver, no special tools required. Two Door Knob Extenders are included in each package.

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