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Dycem Non-Slip Mat Roll 8 inch wide
Dycem Non-Slip Mat Roll 8 inch wide

Dycem Non-Slip Mat Roll 8 inch wide

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Non-slip material roll measures 8 inches wide, 10 yards long
Part Number: NC35104
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The Dycem Non-Slip Mat Roll measures 8 inches wide and 10 yards long. This non-slip material on a roll can be cut to fit a variety of items to help prevent spills or accidents. People with limited grip or mobility will find this multi-purpose, durable polymeric material is non-slip on both sides and flexible.

Dycem Non-Slip Mat Roll is easy to use, simply cut the section or shape needed to grip any item easily. The mat will fit discreetly under items and is suitable for a wide range of uses such as a non-slip tray liner to prevent plates and cups from sliding, stabilize mixing bowls and chopping boards to hold them firmly in place. Place the mat under paper or a puzzle a non-slip surface when writing, drawing, painting, playing a game or doing a puzzle.

Dycem Non-Slip Mat Roll Specifications:

  • Measures: 8 inches wide, 10 yards long.
  • Color: Blue (Other colors by special order.)
  • Material: Non-toxic, latex free, antimicrobial, durable polymeric material.
  • Care: Clean with soapy water to retain tackiness. Dycem must be dry before using, it is not effective when wet.

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