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Easi Grip Arm Support Cuff

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Added arm support for easier gardening!
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The Easi Grip Arm Support Cuff is designed to assist gardeners who suffer from weak hands and wrists. The Arm Support Cuff easily plugs into the back of any Easi Grip Garden Tool.

This product is great for those who struggle with weak hands or wrists, but love to work outside. The Arm Support Cuff causes the forearm and upper arm strength to be used to move the tool. This decreases the strain on the wrist and fingers. The arm support cuff can also be used with Add-on handles to make the tool more comfortable to use and to prevent the tool dropping to the ground if you lose your grip.

The Arm Support Cuff consists of two parts, a round cuff and connector, and plugs into the back of all Peta Easi Grip Garden Tools and Add-on Handles.

Please note: Garden Tool is not included.

PDF Easi Grip Arm Support Cuff Instructions

Easi Grip Arm Support Cuff Specifications:

  • Measures: 8 inches long.
  • Color: Green and Yellow.
  • Material: Aluminum post, plastic cuff.
  • Fits: Easi Grip Garden Hand Tools.

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