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Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Hoe

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Extra long garden hoe for seated gardening.
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The Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Hoe is long but light weight steel hoe with a soft grip handle. It is recommended for light digging and cultivating the soil. The extra long shaft allows gardeners who are sitting down or can't bend easily to reach the back of beds.

The handle is set at a right angle to the tool head. This allows the wrist and hand to be held in a neutral position which reduces strain and allows a much firmer grip on the tool.

Most gardeners will find that the optional Arm Support Cuff is beneficial when using this long hoe. The arm support cuff is in two parts - a round cuff and a connector, which plugs into the back of all Easi-Grip tools and add-on handles. The cuff prevents you dropping the tool if you loose your grip, and makes the tool more comfortable in use.

Easi Grip Long Reach Garden Tools Hoe Specifications:

  • Length: 31 inches.
  • Weight: 20 oz.
  • Material: Stainless steel tool, plastic handle.

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