It seems like everyone wants to be environmentally friendly these days. Recycling is up and oil consumption is down, but the bathroom should not be overlooked in this green revolution. Every little bit counts and there is a lot you can do with your bathroom to save the environment both in the selection of the products you use as well as on-going consumption of natural resources and energy. Here are a few ideas that are better for you and the environment:

Recycled Glass - The easiest way to be eco-friendly is to not steal away new resources from Mother Earth. This approach hits two of the "R"s in Reduce - Reuse - & Recycle. Ann Sacks has a line of recycled glass surfaces called Trend Q found at Trend Q has up to 72% post-consumer waste depending on color.

PaperStone Countertops - This is a composite material made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with their proprietary PetroFree phenolic resins and infused with selected natural pigments. Best of all, there is no sacrificing appearance to get the eco-cred for your bathroom remodel. You can check it out at

Swash seat reduces toilet paper use by 75%Bidet Toilet Seat - It may not be thought of first in the eco remodel, but the bidet toilet seat saves the Earth one toilet paper square at a time. Americans consume 34 million rolls of toilet paper, every day! A bidet toilet seat cuts down toilet paper consumption 75% on average. The graphic to the right compares normal toilet paper use to that with a Swash bidet toilet seat. Utility companies are actually beginning to pay toilet paper producers to use less electricity at specific times as they are sucking up too great a share of the supply. Feel good about being green with a bidet seat, not to mention you will save some green by not buying as much toilet paper. Brondell has a variety of high quality bidet seats available to fit every budget - learn more:

Tankless Water Heater - Here is another not oft thought of bathroom remodel item, but it should be as there is nothing worse than a hot shower turning cold. A tankless heater also consumes up to 50% less energy which means it costs 50% less to have hot water 100% of the time. A leader in the tankless industry is Takagi even makes their heaters of up to 95%+ recycled materials.

Don't Forget - The standard eco-friendly low flow shower heads & sink faucets, low or no VOC paint & wood finishes and of course dual flush toilets.

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