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Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser
Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser

Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser

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Ergonomic egg shape designed to fit the contours of the hand.
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The Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser is ergonomically shaped to fit the contours of the hand. With regular use, this egg shaped hand exercise aid helps to improve grip strength, increases dexterity and mobility, encourages motor skills, and improves circulation.

Latex-free Eggsercizer is designed to feel great in the hand and provide effective resistive therapy in a wide variety of exercises for the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearm. The four color-coded densities allow the Eggsercizer to be used for most stages of hand, wrist and finger rehabilitation. Eggsercizer is made of a non-allergenic polymer that will not crack, leak or melt and can be heated to provide additional release for arthritic and injured hands. Heating the Eggsercizer in a container of warm water for 3 to 4 minutes prior to activities can improve peripheral circulation in the hand and fingers. Chilling the Eggsercizer in the refrigerator can reduce hand swelling and desensitize painful areas.
  • Orange Eggsercizer is Extra-Soft
  • Green Eggsercizer is Soft
  • Blue Eggsercizer is Medium
  • Plum Eggsercizer is Firm

Eggsercizer Hand Exerciser Specifications:

  • Material: Latex free, washable, synthetic rubber material.
  • Choose: Extra-Soft Orange, Soft Green, Medium Blue or Firm Plum.
  • Includes: Handbook with ideas for rehabilitation and strengthening.

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