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AEM520P Essential Star Hand Exerciser Soft Pink
AEM520P Essential Star Hand Exerciser Soft Pink

Essential Star Hand Exerciser

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Unique star shaped hand exerciser allows the center to rest in the palm while the user works their fingers with each of the points.
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The Essential Star Hand Exerciser features a unique shape that effectively exercises the fingers, hand, and forearm. The star shape is ideal for rehab, recovery, training, strengthening, and dexterity exercises for improving hand function.

The Essential Star Hand Exerciser has a unique design that allows the center of the star to rest in the user's palm while they work their fingers with each of the points. This long-lasting durable squeeze star is made of skin-safe latex-free composite material and has a texture that is ideal for gripping. The Pink Squeeze Star has a softer resistance, making it the easiest to use as well as ideal for stress, recovery, and strengthening. The Blue Squeeze Star has a medium resistance, making it ideal for strengthening. For hot or cold therapy applications, microwave or freeze the hand exerciser. The hand exerciser is packaged in a clamshell clear box that is easy to open and close. The Essential Star Hand Exerciser is available in two firmness levels, Soft or Medium, to help users effectively exercise their fingers, hand, and forearm.

Essential Star Hand Exerciser Specifications:

  • Choose firmness: Soft Pink or Medium Blue.
  • Measures: 3.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches long, 1 inch high.
  • Material: Skin-safe, latex-free composite.
  • Care: Clean with a mild soap and warm water.
  • Made in:Taiwan.

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