About 10 million Americans have a condition known as essential tremor, according to the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF).

Essential tremor causes shaking in the arms, legs, trunk or other areas of the body when trying to move. For this reason it is often mistaken for other similar conditions like Parkinson's disease or cerebral palsy.

IETF's theme this year is "Essential tremor makes simple hard." They go on to point out that although essential tremor is hard, helping is not.

If you know someone who has ET, there are many things you can do to help. Donate to the cause and grab some ET promotional material from their website. Raising awareness around ET is important since the condition is so common yet so unheard of.

ET often goes untreated, which is truly a lost opportunity. There is so much you or your loved one can do to offset some of the difficulties of this disease.

Many of our products are geared to help stop the shaking. Let's take a look at three top daily living aids made for essential tremor, Parkinson's disease and other conditions that cause shaking.

1. Leg wrap

HandiThings Leg Weight

The HandiThings Leg Weight is made to wrap easily around the leg and provide equal weight distribution for maximum comfort. The key to this leg wrap is that it provides what is called proprioceptive input, weight and compression.

Proprioception is the way our bodies stay aware of where they are in space, allowing us to fully make use of movement and fine motor skills.

Soft weight on the leg helps you keep your entire leg steadier by weighing it down just a bit and providing you a mental cue to know where your leg is.

2. Arm wrap

HandiThings Arm Weight Sleeve

The HandiThings Arm Weight Sleeve also offers proprioceptive aid for people who experience tremors, especially while performing fine motor skills.

The HandiThings Arm Weight Sleeve helps in activities such as eating, writing or doing computer work.

3. No spill spoon

EliSpoon No Spill Spoon

The EliSpoon No Spill Spoon is a weighted spoon that features two counterweights to balance food and control hand movement.

This spoon is a non-electric, no-battery solution to a problem so many people experience. This product can help you or a loved one with tremoring to avoid messy spills and difficulty at dinnertime.

Essential tremor can be hard to deal with, but these are some simple steps you can take to help alleviate problems and raise awareness during Essential Tremor Awareness Month.