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CCZ231N Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy
CCZ231N Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy

Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy

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This classic dark navy polo with side snaps from Joe & Bella is for assisted dressers who want to continue to wear their favorite styles.
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The Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy by Joe & Bella is a classic polo style with an adapted side-back closure secured with hidden snaps. This ultra-comfortable stretch fabric knit shirt helps make dressing easier and quicker for men who require dressing assistance from another person.

The Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy features a distinctive side-seam opening that allows wearers to slip into the shirt, like a hospital gown. The side opening design is ideal for guys who have limited shoulder range of motion or difficulty raising their arms over their head. Hidden snaps along the side seam from the bottom of the shirt through the shoulder secure the opening. This adapted everyday knit shirt provides an easy dressing solution for the wearer and for the person providing dressing assistance. The innovative design ensures complete coverage and a hassle-free dressing experience, free from uncomfortable pressure points. When fully secured, this adapted shirt looks and feels just like a traditional polo shirt. Crafted from premium 100% cotton, this adapted knit shirt provides flexibility, and breathability for everyday comfort. The Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy is an adapted classic style knit shirt guys love.

Men's Side Snap Polo Shirt Size Chart

Everyday Polo for Men : Dark Navy Specifications:

  • Who It's For: Men.
  • Choose size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large, 2-Extra-Large, 3-Extra-Large.
  • Color: Dark Navy. Black and Sky Blue are also available.
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton.
  • Care: Machine wash cold & tumble dry on low.

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