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EZ Reacher Wrist Support
EZ Reacher Wrist Support

EZ Reacher Wrist Support

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Provides optional wrist support and added arm support for people with limited strength.
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The EZ Reacher Wrist Support is an optional wrist support for all EZ Reachers that provides added arm support. This reacher accessory is helpful for people with limited strength when grasping heavier items.

When used with standard length EZ Reachers, the Wrist Support assists those with weaker wrist strength when grasping heavier objects. When used with the longer EZ Reachers, the Wrist Support increases stability and control, especially with one hand operation. Cuff can be bent to adjust to different size forearms. The Wrist Support is easy to attach to any EZ Reacher using the included wing nut. Adding the EZ Reacher Wrist Support to an EZ Reacher makes picking up up a heavier items easier.

EZ Reacher Wrist Support Specifications:

  • Attaches to: Any EZ Reacher, Orang-U-Tongs PRO, or KingTongs grabber.
  • Materials: Aluminum.

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