The Benefits of Fall Prevention at Home

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February 21, 2012
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February 23, 2012
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The Benefits of Fall Prevention at Home

Preventing falls is one of the easiest ways to keeping healthy as your mobility changes. It is important to analyze all areas of your home for ways to prevent falls. As you analyze the home pay special attention to the areas you use most, especially your living room, bathroom and bedroom. Purchasing special safety products for these rooms will aid in your fall prevention and offer the reassurance that moving throughout your home will be easier and more convenient. Preventing falls saves time and energy as well as visits to emergency rooms and long periods of recovery which result from falls.

Living Room

Getting up from your favorite chair becomes more difficult as you develop mobility deficits. Adding furniture risers can help make low furniture easier to rise from and is a simple way to adjust your furniture height with very minimal cost. Adding a transfer pole, bar or couch cane next to your furniture gives you the added leverage you’ll need to move from the sitting to standing position and also offers a place to stabilize your balance once you are in the standing position. Use a stabilizing bar near all your furniture to ensure you are always doing everything possible to prevent falls and keep yourself safe while moving from the sitting to standing position.


Getting to and from the bathroom can be difficult if mobility is an issue. But finding balance and safety in the bathroom itself is extremely important to anyone with mobility issues. Grab bars can be attached to bathroom walls to allow for easy transfer and movement throughout the bathroom. Grab bars are available in a variety of finishes and styles, so your bathroom does not have to look like an institution. If room allows, a waterproof bench is an added plus for the shower area and can be used outside of the shower area to sit on while changing to help avoid falls.


Moving from the laying down position to standing can be extremely difficult to do, especially in the mornings if you are suffering from arthritis. A bed rail offers the benefits of safely preventing falls in the middle of the night as well as offer support while moving into the standing position in the morning. The bed caddie assists even more by offering a leverage point to help you pull yourself from the laying down position to sitting up. Leaving a cane or walker near the bed is also a great way to help prevent falls as you move around early in the mornings. If stabilizing is an extreme concern in the bedroom area, a large stabilizing bar can be added to your bed to add an area to hold on to while walking around the bed area. These bars come in a variety of lengths and heights to suit any of your mobility needs.

Adding fall prevention equipment to your home is an easy way of making your whole home environment safer for you. This equipment is low cost but will offer ongoing comfort and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.