If you have mobility difficulties and use a wheelchair, scooter, or walker, you are well aware that these assistive devices don't exactly come with a lot of bells and whistles. You are provided with the bare minimum needed to get around--and sometimes not even the bare minimum!

We have bundled 5 upgrade packages that wheelchair, scooter, or walker users will enjoy:

Package 1: The Late-Night Walker User

Walkers are difficult enough to use during daylight hours, much less at night. That's why any walker user who ever stays out past dark with friends, relatives, or out to the library or meetings, will enjoy a set of super-bright LED lights for the walker, along with soft hand grips for safety and any number of carry-all pouches that neatly attach to the walker.

Package 2: The Wheelchair or Scooter User Who Loves to Cook

When you're at the supermarket, those groceries pile up fast. Before you know it, you've got a lapful of cans, veggies, and fruits. Take those items off your hands and lap with a selection of big carry-all bags made just for at-home gourmet cooks. The wheelchair backpack carries a large quantity of groceries, or you can choose a giant seatback bag big enough to carry everything needed for a six-person feast. For that long haul back and forth to the store, add an extra-cushy seat cushion made especially for wheelchairs.

Package 3: The Out-All-Day Scooter User

You like to get out, and your scooter is just the thing for that. But it's not made for long, extended trips. One great way to lengthen your days out is to add a bright, visible folding flag for safety when crossing streets, a deluxe cupholder for those mid-afternoon coffee breaks, and a cane or crutch carrier so that you can get out and walk.

Package 4: The Extra-Comfort Wheelchair Package

The person who designed the wheelchair must have been thinking more about practicality than comfort. Wheelchair users, raise your level of comfort by upgrading with an extra-soft synthetic fur seat, along with leg and foot huggers to keep limbs comfortably on the chair, and wing backs to position your torso securely and firmly on the chair.

Package 5: The Book Lover Walker User

Library and bookstore carpeting is not conducive to walker movement: those rubber tips tend to catch on carpeting and cause users to stumble. Upgrade to a set of walker glides or "skis" that easily pop on and allow you to slide the walker along. For that extended walk, your hands will appreciate extra-comfortable hand grips. And to carry all those books home, carry-all bags ranging from small to super-large, are just the ticket.


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