1. Arthritic Aids Are Not Just About Wheelchairs

In fact, arthritis is not just about discomfort associated with mobility. Persons with arthritis often have trouble with some daily tasks that seem commonplace: cooking and eating meals; bathing; grooming; and getting dressed. Arthritic aids not only ease the pain, but they allow persons with arthritis to join in with everyday activities enjoyed by other people who are not suffering from arthritis.

2. Arthritic Aids Don't Have to Be Beige and Ugly

That's an outdated notion. Over 46 million Americans--one in five--have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Imagine that you're sitting in a movie theater with 100 people; over 20 of those people would have arthritis. As a result, manufacturers of arthritic aids are compelled to produce stylish and technically sophisticated aids for a mass market. How about a full line of ergonomically correct and attractive garden tools? Or wireless personal pagers that instantly call for help--yet look good on the nightstand?

3. The Range of Arthritic Aids is Surprising

It's not until you start having problems opening jars and lids that you discover an amazingly wide range of openers for every need. And who would even know that there are garden spray bottles that are battery-operated and that don't hurt your hand and wrist?

4. There are Arthritic Aids for Even Seemingly Trivial Tasks

It's only the non-arthritic person who believes that eating off of a plate isn't a problem for an arthritic person. That's why manufacturers make products even as seemingly trivial as a plate with a lipped edge. And just wait until you have arthritis before saying that zipping a zipper or buttoning a button is easy for arthritics.

5. Even Wheelchairs Get the Special Treatment

A wheelchair is no longer just a wheelchair when it's got a nifty backpack that attaches to the rear to carry groceries or books. For users of walkers, there are special glides for the tips--you can even snap on a set of skis! Add a set of super-bright LED lights and a pouch for the back, and they'll start calling you a speed demon!

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