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Freedom Divided Plate with Suction Pad Base
Freedom Divided Plate with Suction Pad Base

Freedom Divided Plate with Suction Pad Base

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Patented non-slip suction pad. It won't move!
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The Freedom Divided Plate with Suction Pad Base is an adapted plate with 3 sections and a vacuum base that prevents the plate from moving. Users can now feed themselves with no danger of the divided plate moving or slipping, while the individual food items are kept separated.

The patented suction base vacuums solidly to any smooth table or work surface. It is virtually impossible to lift or move the divided plate. Each divided plate screws onto the pad, like a jam or jelly jar lid. To remove or reposition the non-slip pad, simply lift up any corner to release the vacuum.

The divided plate can be washed in a dishwasher (top shelf), while the non skid, no spill vacuum pad can be simply washed and dried by hand. The plate can be microwaved, but the base cannot. The recommended safest procedure is to heat food in the microwave and then transfer to the divided plate.

This non-slip divided plate promotes independent eating for people with physical disabilities, stroke, Parkinson's, spastic cerebral palsy, autism, autisitic, Huntington s disease, multiple sclerosis, full or partial paralysis, hand tremors, muscular dystrophy, or uncontrolled movements. No more chasing the plate around the table. The Divided Plate comes complete with the removable Non Skid, No Spill Vacuum Pad attached to the bottom.

Divided Plate with Suction Pad Base Specifications:

  • Measures: 9 inches diameter, 1.75 inches high.
  • Sections measure: One large section 6.5 x 3.5 inches, and 2 small sections 4 x 3.5 inches each.
  • Material: FDA approved polypropylene, BPA free.
  • Care: Top rack dishwasher safe.

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