For years beauty gurus have been looking to expand their horizons with “beauty hacks” that save time and money while being more efficient than traditional beauty lifestyles. Not long ago, dry shampoo was introduced into the world for those quick and easy touch-ups on those bad hair days. Now there’s another method of good hair care on the spot and that’s with the innovative Freshair Magic Shampoo Comb, introducing a routine with waterless shampoo.

Here’s how it works:

The Freshair Magic Shampoo Comb is attached to a bottle of waterless shampoo, when combing through hair the bottle is squeezed to dispense the preferred amount of shampoo, giving control to how much is used each time. When being dispensed, the waterless shampoo comes out at an even flow throughout the comb while also providing a leak proof design, making this product the go-to for those in need of a simpler bathroom routine.

This product can be very useful to those with chronic illnesses that weaken the ability for proper self care. For people still living independently and looking for an easier way to keep clean without breaking the bank, this comb is for them. It takes a four-step wash cycle and turns it into an all in one task, which can also be useful in a hurry.

Take advantage of the ease that comes with using this comb, it’s perfect for any traveling conditions and is easy to store. On the road, at the office, maybe even before that important meeting at work, there’s always been a time or two when we’ve wished we washed our hair that morning.

The Freshair Magic Shampoo Comb comes in available in the Floral Bouquet scent, a fresh, clean scent for women or men, so this is one beauty hack that we encourage men to get behind. Freshair Magic Shampoo Comb Refill Bottles can be found online in packs of four, each bottle containing 2 ounces of product.

Don’t let the hassle of hair washing get in the way, develop a new routine with Freshair Magic Shampoo Comb waterless shampoo for those bad hair days that are sure to come.

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