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Fun ways to cut watermelon on Watermelon Day


Today is Watermelon Day, which is a good thing, because it sure is hot out there. There are not many treats as cool and refreshing as a big juicy chunk of this special fruit.

There are many ways to celebrate Watermelon Day. Favorite watermelon-related activities include seed spitting contests and watermelon carving.

There are many creative ways to carve or cut your watermelon. In fact, it is such a versatile fruit it is often used decoratively at parties as mixed fruit holders/plates, and a variety of other uses. And the cool thing about it is, it’s really easy to carve a rind into different unique shapes that will impress your friends at the next get-together.

Click here to see a wide array of artistic-looking watermelon cuts, and consider the FunBites Food Cutters below the next time you need to prepare a fun watermelon creation.

FunBites Hearts Food Cutter

You could slice your watermelon into random pieces with a regular knife, or you could dice your watermelon if you want to be neat and clean about it.

But why not go out on a limb and cut it in heart-shaped pieces? You can do that and more with the FunBites Hearts Food Cutter.

Be a kid again and play with your food! The FunBites Hearts Food Cutter has a slightly rounded, sharp cutting edge. Simply place the cutter piece on top of food, press down, and rock back and forth a few good times to make sure the food is cut all the way through. Finally, use the matching popper top to push the food out of the cutter if necessary.

This heart-shapes food cutter cuts out both hearts and triangles. The triangles in the middle make up a mosaic heart piece which you may place together on a dish or display, or separate to produce a medley of different triangles and hearts.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Serve your special woman or man a heart-shaped serving of watermelon when they wake up in the morning. What a nice surprise!
  • Carve the rind into a heart-shaped bowl with a regular knife, and serve with heart-shaped fruit pieces in the middle, cut using our cutter.

FunBites Triangle Food Cutter

This food cutter only cuts in triangles and no hearts. This could be ideal for your artistic watermelon carving display, because the evenly cut triangular pieces add an intricate geometric look to your creation.

Ideas for the FunBites Triangle Food Cutter?

  • With a traditional knife, cut your watermelon rind into a bowl with triangular teeth around the edges, and fill it with scattered triangle watermelon pieces.
  • Arrange your triangle pieces into fun patterns and shapes for a modern look.

We hope you enjoy these fun food cutters, whether by yourself or, better yet, with friends and family. The FunBites Food Cutters are a big hit with kids of all ages.

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