Too often, persons with arthritis view arthritic aids as being purely functional, practical, and--let's face it--boring. It's all well and good to have aids that help you easily turn on lights, move safely into the bathtub, and button a blouse. But what about fun and pleasure? Does arthritis mean sitting alone in a chair every night, reading old magazines?

No. As a matter of fact, arthritic persons who engage in regular fun activities, especially sociable activities, develop healthier patterns of living; as a result, their pain and discomfort may be diminished.

So why not call up a couple of friends for some iced tea and a few hands of pinochle? Or, depending on your inclinations, beer and poker? Whichever way you swing, you'll need a little help along the way.

Getting the Food and Drinks Ready--Double-Time

It shouldn't take you forever to prepare the beverages and snacks in the kitchen. And it certainly isn't supposed to cause you pain and discomfort. So, you'll want to have some arthritic kitchen aids handy to smooth the process. Open up the salsa with adapted jar openers, draw water for the tea with super-grippy silicone grips that easily grab faucet handles. There are specially adapted "lipped" plates so that no food slides off the plate, and cupholders and straws for your margaritas.

Where are the Playing Cards?

Time is ticking, and guests will be here at seven o'clock. You've got the snacks out, bar or tea service set up, but you're missing the playing cards. You knew they were here somewhere.

On the games shelf in the hall closet? Of course not. In the miscellaneous drawer, along with your tape measures and pens? No, it couldn't be that easy. Under a sofa?

Then, flash--a vision of your three year-old grandson tossing the pack of cards on top of the TV cabinet. We've got a problem here, Houston: TV cabinet is six feet tall. You're five feet, two inches in socks--not to mention the arthritis!

Instead of doing the dangerous and impossible thing--standing on top of a rickety stack of books--you simply snatch the pack of cards off the TV cabinet with your lightweight, nimble-fingered grabber. Easy as pie.

Time to Play Cards

Guests are here and you've loosened them up with a few drinks. Now it's time to beat the pants off of them. Separate them from their poker chips--or at least, their pride--with a great selection of playing cards and card holders made especially for arthritic persons. These cards are big and easy to handle. Should you need a rest, card holders assist you with single or multiple hands. And in the event, someone at the table has trouble seeing, as an added bonus these cards all have extra-sized numbers, letters, and faces.

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