We all have that special man in our lives that we aren't really sure how to shop for, especially for Father's Day. We’ve lost count on how many coffee mugs our fathers have kept hidden in the cabinets over the years, but we do know how often they’re used -- once a year, maybe. Well it's that time of year again and this list is to help prevent another awesome dad from receiving another coffee mug or coaster for his special day.

DPL Neck Therapy Pillow

For all the aches and pains our fathers go through the years (most of which are caused by us kids), there's a solution to stubborn neck pain. This isn't just your average pillow, the DPL Neck Therapy Pillow operates through medical grade LED lights that stimulate your joints with the idea to repair damaged tissue and help aid in the recovery of sore muscles. This solution ensures a safe and natural way to ease the pain. It's easy to use, affordable, and definitely better than getting pops a coffee mug this year.

Trio Jar and Bottle Opener

We've all had those pesky jars that just wouldn't budge, no matter how much effort we put into cracking them open. Say goodbye to hand-grips and dishtowels and welcome the Trio Jar and Bottle Opener into your life, it certainly makes life a little easier when you can get that jar of pickles open in a flash. This handy tool offers four different functions by opening vacuum lids, twisting lids, and bottle caps with both pry-up lids and pop-up caps. It also comes with a built in non-slip pad that allow you to hold the jars and bottles in place.

Garden Seat Caddy

Summer's here and that means maintaining gardens and yards of all shapes and sizes, but for those older men in our life it can be quite difficult to keep the lawn in the best condition. The Garden Seat Caddy is height-adjustable with a swivel seat that allows a full 360 degree turn and even has a tray below the seat to have easy access to all your gardening tools. It allows you to scoot your way around rough terrain, carrying all of your tools and relieving the strain on your back to make this experience enjoyable again. That's why this is another great gift, it makes gardening relaxing again for those that can't escape back pain.

The Fathers and Grandpa's in our life deserve the best for Father's day and nothing is better than knowing your gift came from a thoughtful place. Shopping for men is never easy, but it's time to start thinking of their needs versus the 'easy' gift this year. Say goodbye to the coffee mugs and overpriced pocket tools, and give back to the men that were always there for us throughout the years.

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