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Key lever: Older Americans with dexterity problems can have a hard time turning the key in a lock. The lever allows locks to be opened easily and quickly without finger or wrist pain. Up to four standard keys can be inserted and stored into the four arms. "Many elder adults are bothered by wrist pain and more commonly lose their sensation in their fingertips," says Joy, "so the simple process of turning a key n a lock [which we do every day] can be difficult. Using the key lever reduces pain and aggravation." The Key Turner is ideal for people with limited hand strength or coordination. These heavy-duty key turners provide increased leverage to turn a key with a comfortable grip. Fold keys into handle when not in use. Ring pen: Handling a pen is something that can be difficult and tiring for people with arthritis and other dexterity problems. The ring pen is an ergonomically correct designed pen that helps make it easier for these people to write. The index finger slips through a hole in the pen and offers a place for the writing finger to be rested while writing. The ring pen removes pressure from the wrist and joints while writing. "Many of us take for granted the process of handling a pen," says Joy. "Elder adults, again, have difficulty using a pen because of arthritis or loss of sensation. Using a ring pen removes the pressure from the wrist and joints allowing you to write all day long." The Neo Bird Writing Pen is a great relief for people with arthritis or hand ailments or injuries. The unique, patented design of this innovation in writing instruments allows the weight of your hand to work for you, not against you.

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