August is Golf Month, and we could not let this month go by without looking at some of our walking aids that are so practical they should be par for the course.

People with walking limitations may use a variety of walking aids for playing golf, such as crutches or even rollators. Some may use wheelchairs. In this article, we will look at different canes and cane accessories to see which one will work out best for your golfing needs.

Canes: always useful

Whether you have a walking limitation or not, canes tend to come in handy no matter what. Even with a golf cart, there is a considerable amount of walking in golf, so you might as well pack a cane to lean on in your golf bag.

Walk, stand or sit anywhere you go

Juvo Travel Cane Seat

Juvo Travel Seat Cane

Perhaps our best cane for golfers is the Juvo Travel Seat Cane. Walk on this cane after hitting a long drive, and while you wait on other players to take their turn, fold out the tripod seat. This seat stays with you when you need it but folds up and is out of the way when you don’t. The amount of rest you will get by simply sitting down between turns will work wonders for your game and give you a competitive edge.

Extra handles never hurt

Lifting Handle for Walking Canes

Lifting Handle for Walking Canes

Canes are good for walking, but what about when you’re sitting and have to get back up? Attach the Lifting Handle for Walking Canes to most any cane that is 7/8 inches long. Press down on the Lifting Handle when trying to stand back up from the golf cart or after relaxing in a chair at the clubhouse.

Never have to hang your cane anywhere

Juvo Stand Up Cane Tip

Juvo Stand Up Cane Tip

Don’t rely on a caddie to hold your cane. Instead use the Juvo Stand Up Cane Tip. Attach this wide rubber base tip with special tread design to almost any cane and watch as your cane stays standing straight up while you step forward to take your shot. This allows you to keep your cane close by at all times instead of having to hang it somewhere far away.

Take your cane off road

Ingrid Classic Cane Tip

Ingrid Classic Cane Tip

Alternatively, we also sell the Ingrid Classic Cane Tip. This tip does not keep your cane in a standing position, but it does help when outdoors and has a longer life than regular cane tips.

The funnest thing about golf is that anyone can play it. And any player, no matter the skill level, stands a chance of getting a hole-in-one. Has it been a long time since you’ve been back on the course because of mobility issues? Then consider these canes and cane accessories.

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