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Grip-it Floss Holder

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Refillable, easy to hold dental flossing aid.
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The Grip-it Floss Holder is an ergonomically designed dental flossing aid. Grip-it holds dental floss very tightly so users don't have to pinch their fingers or put fingers in their mouth when flossing.

Gripit Floss Holder is ready to use with 50 yards of dental floss included in the holder. Refill the holder with waxed, unwaxed, or flavored floss or dental tape refills from local drug and grocery stores. This flossing aid pops open to allow a fresh length of floss to be advanced in seconds. Gripits are also ergonomically designed to help people with weak hand or finger conditions floss more easily. Gripit Floss Holders make flossing an effortless routine.

Gripit Floss Holder Specifications:

  • Includes: Holder with 50 yards of dental floss.
  • Colors: Blue, White, Pink, Green.(Sorry, no color choice.)
  • Measures: 4 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, 0.75 inch deep.

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