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Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System
Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System

Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System

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Grip and wrist support helps relieve pressure and pain when gripping objects.
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The Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System is an adaptive wrist strap support for gripping. People with conditions affecting their hands will find this wrist support helpful when gripping. The grip and wrist support is designed on the principle of a support bandage with a unique strapping system.

The Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System features a patented wrist to knuckle support strapping system that wraps around the flexed hand to hold objects securely. The special strapping system provides a firm grip without straining the muscle groups for gripping. The unique wrist to knuckle system allows the muscles in the hand to completely relax while the strap secures the object. For users who have limited use of their hand or find using conventional gloves difficult, the Gripeeze Elastic Tube System is ideal. The elastic wrist support relieves aching joints while the strapping system helps to relieve the strain from gripping or holding onto objects. The strap can be wrapped away to the back of the hand when not in use. The flexible tube grip is universal sized for adult and for juniors. The elastic grip has been designed to not only relieve pressure from the hand when doing household activities and chores, but also to increase grip when holding objects. This adapted gripping aid provides an ideal solution for many grip problems and pain or tension related to a physical condition or hand injury. The Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System is available for either the left or right hand and is fully machine washable.

Gripeeze Elastic Tube Strapping System Specifications:

  • Adult size measures: 4 inches wide, 5 inches long. Strap measures 3 inches wide, 11 inches long.
  • Junior size measures: 3 inches wide, 4 inches long. Strap measures 2.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches long.
  • Color: Black.
  • Choose Left or Right Hand.
  • Materials: Nylon and rubber.

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